About Sarah

Hi! My name is Sarah Petruno and I’m a shaman living in Philadelphia, PA.

My goal and the purpose of this little corner of the internet is to help regular people understand shamanism and how it can apply to their lives using practical, everyday, and no-nonsense language and techniques.

I want to help you learn how to heal yourself and others using the skills you already have within you, with the time you already have, and with the life you already lead. No hours upon hours spent meditating in isolation, no tools, and no extra things that you need.

Just you, and your innate ability to heal yourself.

I bring the ancient wisdom and healing of shamanism, the practice of healing by accessing spiritual and energetic unseen realms, and put that knowledge right in your hands for you to safely use. Complete transparency. No smoke and mirrors.

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My Fact Sheet

I’m A Twin Sister To A Really Cool Medium Who Teaches {Unknowing} Mediums.

If you’ve been seeing spirits, she’s your gal to help you get your life in order and become your own medium – whether or not you decide to do it as a business. Her name is Amanda Meder (that’s my maiden name!) and you can find her here.  I attribute a lot of my growth to as a healer to her, as it is through a reading with her that I initially learned I was a shaman. Over the years, she has continued to bring through my Spirit Guides and Ancestors when needed for additional guidance and direction on my path. (Shamans need readings too!) She’s a big reason for why I do what I do – watch the videos here and here.

I Was A Scientist In My Past Life.

In my this life past life, I spent 10 years in academia as a research scientist in the fields of biology, behavioral psychology, and neuroscience.  My laboratory research focused on areas such as animal behavior, visual neuroscience, and bioengineering and my work has been published in academic journals. I hold a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Behavioral Psychology.  In this regard, I also have several years of teaching experience at the University level and stacks of teaching evals to prove it!

I Learned How To Be A Shaman From My Ancestors (And You Can Too!).

I come from a long lineage of Eastern European and Persian Shamans and Healers. My shamanic training is deeply rooted in ancestral and familial instruction and guidance, as well as years of personal study and growth through a variety of other avenues, from one on one training to self study. Watch me talk about this more here.

I’m A Work At Home Mom.

I have 2 young children, a sassy big sis and a serious little bro.

You Can Take A Girl Out Of The East Coast…

but she’ll come back! I was born and raised in Central New Jersey, and after years of moving, and living everywhere from the Midwest to the West Coast, I’ve settled down close to my roots in Philadelphia, PA.

I’m A Fast Talker.

I’ve been asked to slow down since I was like 8. It hasn’t happened yet, so don’t hold you’re breath. What you hear is what you get. I type fast too, which means you’ll see typos from time to time – regardless of how many editing phases something has been through. I’m human and my editors are too.

I Married My Highschool Sweetheart.

He’s a stay at home daddy and he’s also a stellar herbalist. We’ve been together for over 16 years.

I Have A Deceased Father Who Died Of Complications From Alcoholism.

A closeted medium his whole life and no short of brilliant, my dad developed an addiction and died when I was just 21 years old and a senior in college. His death and my healing from it is one of the main reasons I do what I do today.

I Was Once Diagnosed With 4 Mental Disorders.

Generalized anxiety disorder, major depression, social anxiety disorder, and bipolar disorder. I am no longer medicated nor am I suffering from the symptoms. Myself included, many individuals with shamanic gifts find that those gifts first manifest in a way that our society recognizes as a mental disorder. I healed myself and became symptom-free using everything I teach you how to do!

Ready to Learn?

your first stop: the blog

Hundreds of completely FREE articles helping you learn to heal, and demystifying shamanism along the way.

next up: my online shop and my subscription program

My shop is my library of intuitively developed and carefully cultivated online learning tools that allow you to learn shamanism and heal yourself, all at your own pace. The subscription program is a community + monthly email pack of digital shamanic learning materials – all designed in a way for you to easily and seamlessly integrate shamanic healing techniques into your life. Check it out!

Looking for a Private Session?

I’m taking a hiatus from private, one-on-one sessions while the Shamanic Healer Training Program is in session. But, don’t fret, there are other paths to healing and to working with me. You can:

  • Join The Shaman Life an affordable, monthly subscription program for integrating principles of shamanism, healing, and spirituality into your day to day life. I’m an active participant in the TSL Facebook group! Learn more about the program here
  • Take a Class or Course that I offer virtually via video download or in an online classroom. Find the classes here
  • Get started with essential oils. Yes! I’ve been called to work with these sacred plant medicines, and have become acquainted with their ability to promote deep inner spiritual, emotional, and energetic healing. I happily lead a Young Living Essential Oils team, a company that uses sustainable growing practices and carries a variety of blends intended for emotional healing. Learn more about joining here

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