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The Archangel Popiscle Healings

Seven Channeled Chakra Healings from the Angelic Realm

with Sarah Petruno

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Join your Archangels on a healing journey through the layers of your energetic body and allow yourself to be healed starting at your base, your root, and working your way up, layer by layer, all the way to your crown. 

The Archangels wish you heal you in their own individual styles, providing a color-based system of healing light and divined energy release, supporting and growing your energy body in layers of colored, healed light. 

The Archangel Popsicle Healings include a series of seven healing meditations, providing a unique collection of channeled healings never before done in this style. 

As you listen, you heal. 

As you heal, you grow. 

As you grow, you elevate. 

The angels invite you to join us in healing your chakra system

The Angel Pop Series includes the follow healings:

Level 1 – Red – Root Chakra

Archangel Uriel

(17:00 minutes in length)

For volcanic earthing, connection to center, stability, and root healing


Level 2 – Orange – Sacral Chakra

archangel gabriel

(11:30 minutes in length)

For awakening your creativity and inner god/goddess, and sacral chakra opening


Level 3 – Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra

archangel jophiel

(12:00 minutes in length)

For activating personal power, seeing your truth worth, and healing the solar plexus


Level 4 – Green – Heart Chakra

archangel chamuel

(15:30 minutes in length)

For radiating and acknowledging self-love and expanding the heart chakra


Level 5 – Blue – Throat Chakra

archangel michael

(19:15 minutes in length)

For linking solar plexus and throat chakra, activating and opening an inner channel of truth


Level 6 – Purple – Third Eye Chakra

archangel metatron

(17:30 minutes in length)

For third eye activation, expansion, and opening


Level 7 – White – Crown Chakra

archangel zadkiel

(15:15 minutes in length)

For opening and expanding a divine channel receptive to and giving of divine guidance and healing


The Archangel Popsicle Healings assist you melting away blockages, infusing your body with angelic healing energy, and elevating you to a new level of healing and growth.

How it works: 

  • You listen to each of the meditations in any order you choose. Sequential is suggested, but you be the judge!
  • As you listen, headphones recommended, you are joined in your energetic and spiritual space by the Archangel specified and they perform the healing on you as described in the recording
  • Each meditation is a HEALING first and foremost, and a guided meditation second. All you have to do to receive the healing is listen.
  • Each time you listen, you receive a healing in the same manner. It never gets old or stops being healing!

When you participate in the Angel Pop Healings, you receive a carefully and lovingly orchestrated healing of each of your seven chakras.

Connect with new angels.

Explore new areas of yourself.

Anchor your energy body, boost your confidence, clear stagnant energy, activate your inner goddess and so much more. 

Begin your color activating angelic healing journey below

The Archangel Popsicle Healings


This is a healing program carefully orchestrated by a team of Archangels.  For this reason, the meditations in the Archangel Popsicle Series are not sold separately. 

When you purchase the Angel pops series, you receive links to download seven .mp3 guided audio meditations delivered digitally and directly to you after purchase.

total healing meditations: 7
Total length: 108 minutes

Full Disclaimer: 

While the name of this meditation series may be fun and playful, the healing that these meditations are designed to elicit is intensive and not to be taken lightly. Be aware that while you listen to this series and in the days and weeks that follow, you will likely experience deep emotional, physical, and spiritual shifts that at times may be explosive, heavy, and intense. Crying, anger, frustration, heavy emotions, and wallowing is common as pain energy is released from your body and you are healed. This is a serious healing program and as you are healed, deep, dark pain must be released. Your mileage may vary, just be aware that intense experiences in you life are to be expected with this level of healing. If you experience this roughness, it can be a sign that the healing is working, so hang tight, and allow yourself to release.

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