Balancing Your Life & Your Spirituality e-Book

tips for cultivating your spiritual side while juggling the demands of life  

written by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

The Balancing Your Spirituality & Your Life eBook comes from Sarah's own experience in learning how to manage it all, combined with hundreds of messages she has delivered from Spirit on the topic of developing a spiritual practice while dealing with life. 

starting on a spiritual path midway through life can be exhilarating - but also overwhelming. 

how do you find the time in an already packed schedule? 

In this easy-to-read and reassuring eBook, we cover it all and provide you with exercises to actually get it done. 

The goal is developing a practical schedule that you can seamlessly weave into your current life. 

It can be done and The Balancing Your Life & Your Spirituality eBook helps show you how. 

Balancing Your Life & Your Spirituality eBook - tools for developing a  spiritual practice and life, while also maintaining balance in your current life. FREE!

your eBook contains: 

  • guidelines for getting sacred me time

  • tips for setting up a practice

  • ideas for nailing down a sacred space

  • baby step exercises for coming out of the psychic closet

  • pointers for connecting your current life and your spiritual life

  • and a whole section on Sarah's key essential energy tools for doing it all

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