10 Benefits of Knowing Your Ancestors

It was an early October morning and I tossed and turned in bed, awakened at 5:30 AM for no apparent reason.

Because I work from home, I normally sleep until 8 or 8:30 and take my time getting up and ready for the day. But today, I couldn’t get back to sleep and I was up and ready to go by 7 am.

Go where? I wasn’t sure, I just felt like I needed to get out of the house. So, before my husband and daughter were awake, I slipped out the front door and headed on a walk towards the closest Starbucks.

As I walked, I passed a cemetery and when I looked up, I saw the sun coming up over the headstones. I felt called to enter, so I crossed the street and headed in.

I began to walk down the gravel path and the headstones I passed read the names and dates of those who had lived and died over 150 years ago or more. The most recent stones were from the 1940s, but of those that were still legible, the large majority belonged to those who had been dead for much, much longer.

I walked deeper and deeper into the cemetery, completely alone. Suddenly, I stopped, and noticed a back corner of the cemetery that had been wholly forgotten. Whoever took care of this property just gave up – what I can only imagine was the original part of the cemetery hadn’t been mowed in ages and had instead reverted entirely to meadow and woods. Entire monuments and headstones engulfed by shrubs and trees. You couldn’t read them if you tried.

At this point, my feet were soaked with dew and I wondered what on Earth I was doing alone in this cemetery at dawn, when I was supposed to be going to Starbucks.

Suddenly, I realized.

The people buried here died over 200 years ago. Loved ones once visited these graves – there were still momentos lodged in the ground to prove it. The individuals buried here in the back meadow were the reason this cemetery existed at all, yet, all closest relatives had long since died and they too, had been forgotten much like the land where they were laid to rest.

When loved ones die, we hold their memories. We talk about them, we visit graves, we remember the impact they had on our lives. But as time marches on, and generations pass, these memories are lost.

The impact that our ancestors, our long forgotten relatives, had on our lives is largely forgotten.

Much like the eroded headstones, the existence of our ancestors and their impact tends to become lost to us. We don’t remember. We don’t reminiscence. We don’t visit them.

Our connection with our deceased loved ones tend to be an exact match to the cemetery I saw that morning. The newer section, of the most recently deceased is nicely manicured, tended to, and remembered. But the older section, of those who died long ago, is forgotten and erased.

These are our ancestors and they are forgotten.

But, here’s the thing.

We wouldn’t be who we are today without them. Their existence and their paving of a path is the reason we exist at all, much like this cemetary wouldn’t exist if not for the graves in the back.

The reason we are here today is because of our ancestors.

I would not be the person I am today, the shaman I am today, if it weren’t for a man who died years before my birth and taught me everything I know about shamanism. I wouldn’t be who I am without my ancestors.

And neither would you. You have ancestors too, whether you want to be a shaman or not, who are waiting for you to turn to them and ask them to share their knowledge. They know exponentially more than you might think, and you can actually connect with them and talk to them. In fact, your ancestors are likely acting as Spirit Guides for you right now.

Your connection with your ancestors in Spirit could be the key you need to unlock your entire path. It was for me.

Finding out who your ancestors are, what they did, and how they shaped your life could be integral to discovering who you are and where you need to go.

Need more of an incentive to dig more deeply into your family history? This is my short list of reasons why you need to know your ancestors.

There's immense value in getting to know your roots and the people who paved the way before you. Find out my top 10 reasons for connecting with your ancestral family <3. 

10 Benefits of Knowing Your Ancestors

  1. Most family histories are not well documented. Knowing who your ancestors are can point you in the direction of your familial gifts and talents.

  2. Your ancestors could be your Spirit Guides waiting for you to ask them for advice and guidance on your path.

  3. Your ancestors, having had the perspective from the Other Side for all this time, can provide insight into family and relationship challenges and how to solve them.

  4. They can show you a secret family gift or path. You have spiritual gifts that have likely run in the family for many generations or even skipped generations. If you think you don’t because your parents don’t, it’s likely that they’ve skipped generations and your ancestors hold the key to letting you know what they are.

  5. Wisdom. Seriously. Your ancestors have been crossed over for a long time, and have had access to divine knowledge and experience. Because of this, they can provide you with immense amounts of objective clarity on any situation.

  6. They can help you heal family karma that impacts you now. If you face illnesses and challenges, physical, emotional, or spiritual, that have run in the family, tracing their roots back through your ancestral line can help you see where the pattern started and what you can do to stop it. 

  7. Showing gratitude can result in opportunities for you. The path they followed, whatever it may have been, eventually ended up in you being born. You exist because they existed. That at least deserves a “thanks.” And your building of a relationship on gratitude could mean pulled strings in the universe on your behalf. 

  8. If you struggle with something now, it’s likely that your ancestors had the same struggle when they were alive. Find out how they overcame it, or didn’t, and gain insight on what you can do differently.

  9. Knowing about your ancestors or seeking to know more about them can connect you more closely to living relatives with whom you’ve lost contact or connection.

  10. Your ancestors can protect you from serious harm and danger, and can even save your life in threatening situations, like car accidents and natural disasters.

Knowing my ancestors shaped completely the path of my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without knowing them. You can have the same connection with your own ancestors – I guarantee they’re waiting for you to reach out and ask.

With love,

psst ~

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LAST UPDATED: October 16, 2015