10 Positive Affirmations for Healing

Affirmations have the power to be not only healing, but transformative. In choosing the right ones, you can intentionally clear energy that is no longer serving you and replace it with healed, uplifted energy.

It’s more than just words. It’s intention. It’s restructuring of perceptions and beliefs. The more you say affirmations, the more you train yourself into seeing the world and your life as a new reality. The more you believe that your life matches your words. 

Repeating affirmations is a way of restructuring your beliefs about yourself and your life. It’s a way for you to tell a different story, to paint a new picture for yourself. Affirmations are the new, healed picture.

In shamanic healing, believing that you will be better and healed is 90% of the battle. You have to believe. 

Affirmations are a way to make your logical mind believe, and in doing so, making your energetic state match that of the affirmation – a healed state.

Spirit often recommends affirmations to clients in healing sessions, space clearings, and coaching sessions. You can read more about their benefits here. Below you will find my favorite affirmations and how they can be healing to you, in terms of chakras, the aura, and your soul’s growth. Find one that works for you and your healing today!

10 Positive Affirmations for Healing, including how and what they are effective in healing

10 Healing Positive Affirmations (+ how they heal)

1. “Today, I see the beauty in my surroundings and I choose to radiate joy, love, and gratitude.”

Use for healing the third eye chakra, shedding heavy layers from the aura, resentment, anger, jealousy, spite, disillusion and similar emotions. 

2. “I let go of judgment and fill the empty space with love and understanding.”

Use for healing the heart and solar plexus chakras.

3. “I am a unique gift to this world and delight in sharing this gift.”

Use for opening the heart chakra and healing the solar plexus.

4. “I’m ready and willing to share my gifts and talents with the world.”

Useful for healing the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, and root chakras.

5. “I love and believe in the person that lives in my body and carries me through the day.”

For healing and nurturing your relationship with your own Spirit. Especially useful if you’ve recently undergone a Soul Retrieval.

6. “I love the person I am, as well as the one I am becoming.”

This one is great for overcoming difficult situations and life stages, and stepping fully into your new path uncharted.

7. “I will speak easily and truthfully to myself and others.”

For opening and healing the throat chakra.

8. “I am prosperous, healthy, and happy and I live in abundance.”

Use to manifest abundance in your life. 

9. “With each harsh word delivered my way I learn, grow, and expand with empathy, depth and wisdom so I can heal others with speed, focus and clarity.”

Use when acknowledging the harsh words of others as a soul’s growth lesson. This will help in allowing you to deflect and release the energy, while also growing from the encounter. 

10. “I am grateful for all the challenges that helped me to grow and transform.”

When you are moving through and out of a difficult period, the integration of the lessons from this period are essential to your healing. Acknowledging any difficult time as useful to you is a sign that your soul is ready to heal and move forward. This affirmation helps in that process.

Not sure which one to choose today? 

Select whichever one you like the most, and this is the one that your soul needs today. Choose again tomorrow, and the day after. Write them down, memorize them, make them your lockscreen or screensaver – find a way that works for you to remember your affirmation. They work best if you repeat them.

Happy healing!

LAST UPDATED: February 8, 2015