10 Signs You Are Surrounded by Fairies

Even if you don’t know it, you have fairy helpers guiding you, supporting you, and inspiring you throughout your life.

These are your fairy guides.

Fairy guides are spiritual beings that exist around you, but in unseen realms, to support you. 

You have fairy guides, and below you will find a list of signs that your fairy guides are with you, helping to bring joy, peace, warmth, and happiness to your life.

10 Signs You are Surrounded by Fairies

1. You often feel a warm tingle on your skin, specifically on your arms and shoulders

This is the single most common sign that you are in the presence of a fairy, or several!

As spiritual beings, fairies are primarily felt, seen, and heard with the intuitive (psychic) senses. When you feel a tingle on your skin, this means you are feeling their energy with the intuitive sense of clairsentience, or clear feeling.

2. You often engage in spur of the moment, child-like activities, like skipping

Engaging in child-like activities, and having the idea to do so, is one of the main goals of the Fairy Kingdom in their interaction with humans. They want all humans to carry the joy of a child with them into adulthood. So the next time you have an idea to do something that brings you straight back to your childhood, thank your fairy friends for planting the seed in your head.

3. You smell flowers when none are present

It’s no secret that fairies love nature and they want you to love nature too. They way that they do this is by continually reminding you of nature’s beauty. In moments when you are really stressed out and they are having a difficult time getting your attention, what better way to show you nature’s beauty in that moment, than by putting it right under your nose?!

Fairies can harness the scent of a flower and waft it in your direction at the perfect time. Love lilacs and suddenly, you can smell them with no lilac bush in sight? It was a fairy.

4. You pause and remember to be compassionate towards someone

If you find yourself dealing with a difficult person or a situation, and suddenly, it dawns on you to consider that this person is going through a difficult time and to extend compassion rather than anger, know that your fairy guides helped to shift your perspective.

Fairies transmute love and compassion and like to gently remind you to be kind and compassionate to yourself and others, for you never truly know the struggle that another person is facing. If you’ve found yourself caught in this moment of reflection, remember that it is likely a fairy who has brought you this perspective.

5. You’re given a reality check during a difficult moment – calm down, and laugh about it!

Have you recently found yourself in the middle of a ridiculously outrageous situation? It’s so bad, it’s almost comical.

Maybe you got really worked up, or started to get stressed or anxious, then suddenly, you found the humor in the situation. You saw the comedy of errors and realized that if you were watching this scenario play out objectively, or even months from now, you’d be able to find laughter in the situation. The ability to take a step back, take a deep breath, and laugh about it – has been brought to you by your fairy friends. Their goal is to help you find levity in all situations.

6. You anthropomorphize everything

You’re a pet owner, animal lover, and plant enthusiast. And you talk about all of these beings using he or she pronouns. You discuss their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. In doing this, you recognize all beings as peoples. You recognize that all beings have a spirit, a soul, and as such, they have emotions and feelings.

Your treatment of these individuals is a perspective shared by many humans, but also, by fairies. Fairies seek for equality of all creatures, and non-creatures (crystals!) alike. If you share this view, consider that you are a kindred spirit with the Fairy Realm. And more than likely, you’ve been a fairy in a previous life.

7. You often decide to lift someone’s spirit, for no reason at all and no benefit to yourself

Think of the last time you did something nice for someone else, completely unprompted. Maybe you bought coffee for yourself on the way to work and decided to pick one up for your co-worker, too.

When you decide to lift someone’s spirit, or make someone’s day, a fairy guide is often behind you inspiring you to carry out those small acts of kindness.

8. You have a habit of bringing nature inside

You have a tendency to prefer and enjoy natural elements inside your home. You bring nature inside. Maybe you have wooden coasters, a variety of houseplants, stone and crystal accent pieces, or seashell windchimes – by filling your home, living space, and office with elements of nature, you are, in turn, inviting the fairy realm into your space. You are creating a continuity from the external environment to the internal environment.

9. You notice small, beautiful things

You’re on a walk, and really, you should be enjoying the walk and all that nature has to offer, but instead, you are checking your phone and texting with your friends and family. Suddenly, you look up at a tree as you pass, and you see a male and female cardinal pair sitting on a branch. For the first time of the season. It’s a sight rarely seen. Why did you look up at that exact moment? It was a fairy, nudging you to look at that moment in that direction. Fairies want you to see and appreciate beauty. If you are distracted, and suddenly you look up to see something beautiful, it’s no coincidence.

10. You can’t kill a bug

You cringe at the thought of killing a spider, insect, or any creepy crawly. Instead of squashing them, you find a gentle way to transport them to their home environment. Fairies have respect, love, and compassion for all creatures, and they help you to see their perspective on this matter.

This list of 10 signs is only a small compilation of the ways to tell that we are surrounded by fairies and that they are influencing and inspiring our day to day lives.

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LAST UPDATED: February 12, 2016