10 Tips to Help you Hang on to a Great Mood – at Work, at Home, in Life

Save your sanity, your mood, and your happiness

If you consider yourself to be strongly empathic, or even if you don’t, and you find yourself easily affected and brought down by a less than upbeat work or home environment – it’s time for a change of pace. You regularly start your day with the intention for happiness, love, and gratitude, and you deserve for that attitude to persevere throughout the day, unaffected and unfazed by the cranky and sour attitudes around you.

Let’s get you to that place. The place where you float through the day, high on your happiness cloud, unable to be brought down by the emotional states of everyone around you.

Emotions have energy.

If you’ve seen your mood influenced by the moods and emotions of others, this means you can sense and feel their emotional energy. You do not need to absorb it, and learning how to prevent the infusion of this outside (emotional) energy is called psychic protection.

You can still be compassionate while not having your own emotional state take a beating.  Now is the time to focus on maintaining your uplifted mood, and to no longer be impacted by the emotional and situational factors present in your home or work environment.

When your coworkers or your boss gets angry – don’t let them throw your awesome day into a spiral!

Start using these 10 tips to protect your emotional and energetic well-being today.

10 tips to help you hang on to a great mood ~ protect yourself and your mood from negative at work, at home, or in life. Try these simple psychic, spiritual, energetic, and emotional protection techniques and start seeing your great mood stick around. 

10 Tips to Help you Hang on to a Good Mood

Psychic protection at home and work

1. Grab your crystals

Crystals, gems, and stones have metaphysical properties and they can help you with anything from protecting you from the emotional energy of others to helping you keep your spirits high. Use darker, denser, opaque stones like black tourmaline, onyx, or obsidian for protection and lighter in color, semi translucent to opaque crystals like selenite, rose and clear quartz, and turquoise for uplifting your mood and energy.

2. Imagine a sunlight barrier

Before going into work or leaving your bedroom in the morning, imagine a bright, golden light shining down upon you and surrounding you completely. This golden light cushion serves as your protective barrier against lower energies and emotions, and your warm, sunshine-y sphere of existence for the day – preventing your good mood from being squashed.

3. Close your eyes and refocus

Take a breather and go to another room, turn around, or just sit at your desk and close your eyes. Remind yourself of how you intended to start and travel through this day – as an individual filled with gratitude, joy, and happiness. This anger, irritation, and agitation that has begun to creep in is not you. Bring yourself back to your truth and release it. Refocus and reconnect with the intention your set for the day.

4. Breathe in light, breathe out smoke

Inhale love, exhale anger. Inhale happiness, exhale irritation. Inhale joy, exhale worries. Breathe in only light, and out only all the emotions that are no longer making you feel good. Get. Them. Out. Imagine yourself breathing in white light, and exhaling grey smoke. In completing this act, you are allowing only things that make you feel good, and allowing to leave you all emotions that you feel not so good.

5. Herbal teas in your tumbler

Call on your friends in the plant kingdom to help you stay positive all day long! Brew a big batch of tea, iced or hot, so you have it to sip throughout the day, or an even bigger batch to have it on hand for a few days. Teas including chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, holy basil and linden, either alone or in combination with each other, are all great options for peace, happiness, and allowing those outside emotions roll right off your back. If you’re not sure where to find these herbs, we like to get our high quality and organic herbs from MountainRoseHerbs.com

6. Music and dance

Sound can be very helpful in allowing us to release all energy that no longer serves us and get us back to our true, joyful states of being. Listen to your favorite, mood boosting songs for a quick return back to you – any song that  makes you feel great is healing and restorative for you. Bonus: Add movement through dance for an extra boost in shaking off the energy of others.

7. Reminders and positive affirmations

Stay aware and mindful of your emotional state throughout the day and continue to check in with you to catch any bad mood in the making. If at any point, you notice that you’re angry, irritable, or anxious, when you weren’t before – it’s time to practice mindful restructuring of your emotions and mood. Happiness, peace, and calm is still an option for you at any time, you can always return to this state if you so choose.  Positive affirmations are great and easy way to get back to you. Place them around your workspace, on your screensaver, or as hand written notes in your pocket. Try this one, “Today, I see the beauty in my surroundings and I choose to radiate joy, love, and gratitude.”

8. Reign in your energy

You are an individual made of energy, and because of this, you have an energetic field that can interact and pick up on the energetic fields of others, if it is extended out far enough. If you’re feeling extra influenced by the moods and emotions of those around you today, try imagining your energy field (your aura) getting smaller. Take a moment to yourself, close your eyes, and imagine your energy field as a giant oval completely surrounding you. To pull it in, simply imagine it getting smaller and smaller, closer to your body. Breathe in, imagine it contracting, breathe out, relax. Breathe in, imagine it getting closer, breathe out, relax. Continue for several breaths, or until you feel satisfied.

9. Give your clothing a job

Scarves, cardigans, shawls, and jackets can act as protective barriers, if you intend for them to have this purpose. Infuse them with reiki or healing energy if you know how, support independent businesses that hand-make and sell these items, or simply decide within your heart that this specific scarf that you own is going to be your protection scarf – and believe it! When you do that, your Angels, Guides, and Spiritual Supporters will make it so.

10. An object that brings you joy

A prism, a figurine, a plant, a necklace, a ring, a picture, or even a nice manicure. Have something in your home and work space, that whenever you look at it, it makes you smile. The more things you have like this, the better. The more you are surrounded by things that make you smile, the easier it will be for you erase and ignore the emotions of others, and to stay true to your own joyful being.

Those are my top 10 tips that you can start using today for psychic and energetic protection at work, at home, or in your life in general. Using these tips, you can stay protected, uplifted, and never leave the  joyful, happy, and peaceful state of mind with which you started your day. Your great mood is yours for the keeping – with just a little effort and inspiration!

With Love,

10 tips to help you hang on to a great mood ~ protect yourself and your mood from negative at work, at home, or in life. Try these simple psychic, spiritual, energetic, and emotional protection techniques at home or at work and start seeing your great mood stick around. www.sarahpetrunoshamanism.com

LAST UPDATED: February 1, 2015