11 Resources for Healing Your Relationship with Money

Sarah Petruno, Shamana

Spirit has been on a KICK surrounding the need for MONEY HEALING among healers, givers, and anyone who holds themselves responsible for money challenges of the past that are making themselves present now.

A major theme this month, this season, and this year, spiritually, is the need to heal our relationship with money so that ALL healers and givers can move forward to give more abundantly and to receive more abundantly than ever before.

Yes, Spirit wants all healers (professional or not) to move past this pattern of receiving too little for their work, whether you work professional as a healer or if you’re a person with healing energy who applies their gifts right at home (I’m looking at you, moms and dads).

I’ve talked a lot about money on this blog, this website, and my YouTube channel. My own relationship with and the importance of healing your relationship with it.

If you’re not listening, I’m going to keep drilling it in.


No more shame, no more regret, NO MORE HIDING.

It’s time to lay it all down and face it head on. That’s the only way it’s going to get better.

Start by exploring, and if you feel called, investing, in the resources below: 

  1. How to Attract More Financial Abundance (free)
    3 ways to start healing your relationship with money and attract more monetary abundance.

  2. Attracting Abundance Meditation (for purchase)
    Guided meditation for clearing and creating an energetic pathway for money to flow to you.

  3. Are You an Impoverished Healer?  (free)
    The problem of healers, money, and past life patterns that carry over into the current life. 

  4. Healing a Past Life in Poverty Guided Healing Meditation (for purchase)
    An in-depth, guided healing journey meditation that takes you on a meditative journey the past life most impacting your current money situation. You are guided through the process of healing that life and calling your soul pieces back to you now. 

  5. How I Went From Broke To Making Over $5,000 A Month In Just 3 Months (free)
    My step by step process of how we went from making no money to making $5,000/month in just about 3 months. 

  6. {VIDEO} Anticipating Your Needs & Receiving Abundance In Unexpected Ways (free)
    The ways in which the universe anticipates your needs and provides for you in non-monetary ways. 

  7. How We Went From Homeless To Single Income Earner In 9 Months (free)
    The title pretty much sums it up! How we went from homeless to transitioning to a single-income household in about 9 months. 

  8. 9 Herbs for Increasing Abundance (free)
    Herbs to the rescue! Plant them, grow them, drink them, keep them in your home – these herbs help draw physical abundance to you. 

  9. The From Broke to Baller Healing Program (for purchase)
    A comprehensive money-healing program designed to reset the giving-receiving balance, re-write money patterns, and begin to bring you more physical world abundance. 

  10. How I Monetized My Intuitive Blog & Website (for purchase)
    Video class on the ways in which I have turned my blog and website into a business that supports a family of 4, 2 dogs, and a cat. 

  11. And the newest member of the money healing arsenal, the Money Forgiveness Meditation (for purchase)
    Guided and channeled with Archangel Haniel, this meditation helps you to forgive yourself of past money patterns, releasing painful money energy from you, while making room for healing to occur and more money to flow in. 

There are many other free resources on this blog, website, and my YouTube channel, that if applied to money, can help heal your relationship with money even further (my series on power loss being one such place). I encourage you to poke around and think outside the box.

I’d also like to give a little shout out to Laura Biddle of Roots for Wings Healing, she does karmic clearing work that is powerful specifically for healing money patterns, and she’s currently offering a session where she can connect with Spirit and discover what is standing in the way of getting to how to want to feel about money. Check out her shop here.

Get to healing!