12 Ways to Open Your Third Eye

Your Third Eye is the energetic center of your spiritual sight – your clairvoyant abilities.

Your Higher Self and your Spirit team will often communicate messages to you through your imaginative intuitive ability of clairvoyance and when your third eye is blocked, unbalanced or out of alignment with the rest of your energetic system, you are unable to receive this intuitive information.

When you open your Third Eye, you have the ability to access your clairvoyant gifts to receive intuitive, psychic and spiritual information.

How do you do that?

12 Ways to Open Your Third Eye

1. Meditation

By calming, focusing and quieting your mind, you can remove all images and thoughts created by the mind, and welcome in images and thoughts from your Higher Self and Spirit.

2. Repeat Positive Affirmations

Repeat the positive affirmation, “I am profoundly Clairvoyant. It is safe for me to see.” In doing this, you rewrite your belief and trust in your ability to access your intuitive sight.

3. Work with Crystals

Crystals are known to have metaphysical, energetic and spiritual healing properties. When you place crystals like amethyst, sodalite or blue kyanite on your third eye (forehead) in meditation or under your pillow while you sleep and dream, the crystal will work to open up your spiritual sight.

4. Practice Scrying

Focus your vision on a solid, semi-translucent object for a significant period of time. Scrying is the practice of stabilizing the vision, focusing in one place, in order to allow images to begin to appear. When your mind is unfocused, the flash of a clairvoyant image is hard to detect.

5. Sound Healing

Sound has energetic, physical and spiritual balancing, harmonizing and healing properties. When your third eye is unbalanced (blocked) or out of alignment, you can’t see images clairvoyantly. You can bring the flow energy of your third eye back to alignment with energetic harmonizing through sound. Recorded tracks, songs, crystal singing bowls, and tuning forks are all effective methods.

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6. Energy Healing

You can also rebalance your energetic, spiritual and psychic systems (and therefore, open your third eye chakra) by working with an energy healer. Energy healers who share with you the nature of the block and how to release it are the most helpful, as when you know how your third eye became blocked, you can work to keep it more open in the future. You can also do this on your own with the help of this channeled healing meditation

7. Use Your Imagination

Your third eye chakra operates out of the same side of your brain that is responsible for imagination. Clairvoyant (clear-sight) images from Spirit and Higher self will often appear in the way imagination does. The more you practice imagining things, the greater your clairvoyant muscles (and your third eye) will become.

8. In Your Dreams

The imagery in your dreams often contains intuitive messages from Spirit Guides and Angels. When you work to develop your dreaming capabilities to see, you are opening your capabilities to see in your waking life simultaneously.

9. Learn Symbolism

Your Higher Self and your Spirit team will often communicate through you with images of symbolism. Symbolic images come through your third eye and are rich in detail and metaphor. The more you pay attention to and focus on the symbolism that you see, and the more you trust it, the more intuitive information you’ll receive through your third eye. Try this book.

10. “Magic Eye” Vision

The spiritual sight that comes through your third eye is best seen with softened vision. The more you ‘try’ to see, the harder it is to actually see. Practice looking at things with relaxed, fuzzy vision and you may even see an Aura!

11. Dim the Lights

Subtle energy is visible in subtle light. The harsher the light, the harder it is to see the gentle, light, blurry colors and shapes of energy around people (auras) and from Spirits. Soften the lights and it’s easy to see the softer more gentle appearances of energy and Spirit.

12. Ask a Professional

While everyone has access to the spiritual sight of the third eye, everyone is unique and each person will have different factors influencing their ability to access clairvoyant sight. When you work with a psychic energy healer or coach, you’ll be able to stop wasting time and identify the best way to open up your gifts for YOU.

These are the top 12 ways to open up your third eye!


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LAST UPDATED: January 31, 2015

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