13 Ways Shamanism Can Improve Your Life

Before shamanism waltzed into my life and changed everything I knew about anything, I have to be honest, I was a pretty miserable person.

I had anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder – no medications were working and I got sick of bouncing from therapist to therapist.

I had a job that I complained about, but said I really enjoyed.

When I was out in public and supposed to be enjoying myself, I was critical and judgemental of others for my own enjoyment ::cringe::.

I had serious sinus problems and was always visiting specialists to try and figure it out. I even had a difficult surgery with a long recovery time that ultimately didn’t heal a damn thing.

I was angry at the world and alcoholism for killing my father and role model and plaguing me with the aftermath of being fatherless AND the adult child of an alcoholic.

I lived in San Diego, CA, and could hear and see the ocean from my porch, but I was irritable, angry, moody, judgement, and sick – emotionally and physically.

This was my normal.

I didn’t realize there even was something I could do to change myself. In my mind, I was doing everything I could do via psychiatric and western medicine.

That was my life before shamanism. Before I started learning and using the practices of shamanism in my own life.

I didn’t realize how unhappy and miserable I was, until I wasn’t anymore.

It took a journey of several years, a few cross country moves, and me resisting change in the most dramatic ways, in order for me to heal myself and fix all of this.

I only have shamanism to thank.

Shamanism is the practice of connecting with the spiritual, natural, and energetic world in order to facilitate healing in yourself or others.

It has completely changed my life, and it can change yours too.

You don’t have to be a shaman to use the practices of shamanism, just like you don’t have to be a doctor to use the practices of western health and medicine.

In my opinion, learning even the most basic techniques of shamanism to support your health and healing is paramount to learning the most basic techniques of personal hygiene to support your physical health.

Yep, shamanism and its teachings are as important as hand washing in my book.

Everything I teach on my blog, through my courses, meditations, intensives, books, and videos – is showcasing some aspect of a shamanic teaching or practice.

Because it has changed my life so profoundly, it has become my life’s mission to bring shamanism to you in a way that you can use it in your own life, without an outside shaman.

But, I know it can be hard to really grasp why you need to learn something like this; why shamanism has value in your life. It was for me.

Old life Sarah thought shamanism was useless and the gift to shamanism was a crap gift ::shiver::.

I was so, so wrong.

Now that I’m on the other side of that, I want to share with you some examples of how shamanism and the practices of it can improve your life.

These examples are taken from my own life, clients lives, and the lives of family members who have joined me on this journey.

Benefits of shamanism - you don't have to become a shamanism to access them. 

Shamanism can help you . . . 

1. Become a nicer person

Embracing shamanic practices means that you work on healing yourself, and in doing so, you release a lot of pain energy that causes you react to others in anger, irritation, judgment, and criticism.

2. Experience relief from symptoms of what you thought was anxiety, depression, or a mood disorder disappear

Most unknowing healers experience symptoms of mood disorders as a result of their unmanaged ability to sense energy. This ability is called clairsentience and is a necessary part of being able to heal others. Once you learn to manage it via shamanism, symptoms largely disappear.

3.  Improve your relationships as a result of better communication and understanding

You’ll be able to have more compassion and understand for the other individual, and you’ll be able to connect more closely with their heart and soul, allowing you to get to the core of the issue more easily. Connecting in this way allows you to move past fears and avoid misunderstandings caused when ego gets in the way .

4. Have an easier time staying calm in difficult situations

Does even the smallest change of plans cause you to feel like you’ve lost control? Practicing shamanic techniques will allow you to naturally be calmer and more grounded, keeping your cool more easily during trying times.

5. Heal yourself from physical illnesses before/after they become a problem and without a western doctor

Most illnesses have a spiritual and energetic basis and can be healed via shamanic methods of utilizing the spiritual, energetic, and natural world – without ever needing to see a doctor. You can tap into this knowledge to heal yourself and your family, shamanically.

6. Gain improved self esteem

Learning shamanism means connecting with yourself and your own spirit, allowing you to see yourself and your purpose more clearly. With this knowledge of your true self, you can act your purpose with confidence and feel better about yourself and the direction of your life.

7. Get more clarity on why difficult things have happened to you

A huge chunk of shamanism involves connecting with the spiritual world and your own guides in order to gain guidance. By being able to access divine wisdom, you can gain clarity and understanding on difficult situations.

8. Have the potential to completely forgo a doctor, or any outside source on yourself

With practice, you can learn to access your own healing wisdom, discover what is needed to heal yourself, and actually do it, without ever needing to see an outside practitioner. Our bodies and souls know what we need to heal, and shamanism teaches you how to access this.

9. Have access to support when you feel alone

There have been many times where I’ve been in the midst of a dark night of the soul, as it were, feeling so alone, when my Spirit Guides stepped in and pulled me out of it. You have Spirit Guides too, and when you meet them, they’ll be your biggest cheerleaders whom you can talk to for support even when you feel physically alone.

10. Tap into “psychic answers” to get a solution to almost any problem

“Psychic answers” is my term for getting an answer spiritually through the practice of divination, or connecting with the spiritual world for access to divine wisdom. You can get advice, guidance, and solutions on LITERALLY ANY PROBLEM, once you learn how to ask and receive.

11. Heal and continue relationships with deceased loved ones – and know when they’re with you

By connecting with the spiritual world through shamanism, you can reconnect with deceased loved ones and repair and heal relationship wounds that went unmended in life. You can also learn to sense their presence and know when they’re with you by learning to sense their energy .

12. Find a soulmate

Many blockages to finding a soulmate and love are related to spiritual issues in your life and the lives around you. Learn shamanic techniques, and you can uncover the spiritual issues standing in the way of finding a soulmate

13. Access more money

Like love, money is often blocked from coming to you due to a spiritual or an energetic issue. Using shamanism, you can uncover the reason that you’re blocked from receiving money, heal it, and start earning more.

There are so many other ways learning shamanism and shamanic techniques can change your life for the better. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

After shamanism, I am notably calmer, I have no symptoms of mental disorders, I am medication free, and I haven’t seen a doctor in all the years that I’ve been practicing. I feel like and KNOW I have a purpose now, where I felt aimless before.

You don’t have to be a shaman to allow shamanism to change your life. You just have to have an open mind and a willingness to learn.

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LAST UPDATED: February 25, 2016