15 Signs of Soul Loss

When we are born, we are born with a soul.

Our soul comprises everything that makes us, us.

Everything that can’t be seen, touched, or held and everything that makes us who we aren’t that isn’t part of our physical body.

These elements comprise your soul:

Your personality
Your feelings
Your thoughts
Your perspectives
Your morals and values
. . .and so much more

As we move through life, these aspects of who were are can be shaped, changed, and developed. We can experience growth and we can experience hindrance to our soul’s enrichment.

Throughout your life, you experience both benefit and detriment to the core parts of the elements that comprise your soul – self-worth, confidence, value, power, motivation, views of yourself, sexuality, intelligence, and the ability to readily love, be loved, and feel love.

Your soul is made of many layers. Each layer is an aspect of yourself, and each aspect, comes together to form our entire soul – to form who we are as a person right now.

When you experience trauma, hardship, heartache, and life challenges, aspects of you can become lost along the way.

We can lose valued parts of our soul-self along the way. We can lose our ability to feel worth, value, and motivation. We can lose our ability to love others, to feel pleasure, to experience creativity, and we can even lose our sense of direction and our soul purpose.

When we experience loss, we can become lost.

In shamanism, losing a part of ourselves is called Soul Loss.

Soul loss is a condition of the human soul wherein the symptoms can be life altering. From depression, apathy, and anxiety to internal physical illnesses like cancer, cysts, immune disorders, and more – soul loss can have a real effect on your life.

Think you may have experienced soul loss?

15 Signs You Have Experienced Soul Loss

1. You have suffered abuse

2. Recurring dreams

3. You have experienced the loss of a child (in utero or in flesh)

4. A role model or person close to you has died

5. You feel a lack of excitement towards the things you used to enjoy

6. Lack of confidence – feeling like you have nothing of value to offer, so why try

7. You second guess yourself, questioning both your decisions and intelligence

8. You frequently feel waves of worthlessness and unlovableness

9. Lack of desire or motivation to pursue wants, hopes, and dreams

10. Tendency to looks towards others for approval and support

11. You’ve been put down by an intimate partner, friend or family member

12. You are self-loathing and harder on yourself than you’d like to be

13. Feeling like your life has no clear direction or purpose

14. You feel like gifts that you once had have been lost (i.e. creativity)

15. You frequently feel dissociated, not present in your body, out of it, or in a state of vertigo

If any of these sound familiar to you, it’s very likely that you have experienced soul loss.

Most people have experienced at least 3-4 soul loss events in their lives, and even more are likely if you’ve had an especially difficult life experience.

Thus, most people are missing at least 3-4 soul aspects of themselves.

When this happens, it means you need to be reunited with your complete self – as soon as possible. In doing this, you’ll return to living your fullest, healthiest life.





In shamanism, the remedy for soul loss is something called a soul retrieval. Learn more about that process here.

Ready to learn how to complete a soul retrieval? My in-depth, 2-hour video class will teach you how! Find it here.

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