15 Signs of Throat Chakra Opening and Healing

The 5th chakra, our throat chakra, is the spiritual and emotional center of speaking truthfully for ourselves and listening clearly to what others have to say.

Physically, I like to think of it as the hub of all things ear, nose, throat and thyroid.

When you’ve long struggled with a blockage and are now working through a process of healing, clearing, and opening of the throat chakra, you may notice changes – and not all of them are pleasant.

The road to healing can be a bumpy one. When a road is excavated in preparation for repaving, there is a period of time in which the uneven, bumpy, and rocky undersurface exists in the interim between digging it up and paving a new surface. Soon, however, after the repaving process, you can look forward to clear and smoother lines of communication, both physically and spiritually.

Before the newly healed roadway can be paved, all the old, bumpy concrete must be removed. This is the essence of the healing process – it can be messy, dusty, and bumpy.

What are the signs that your throat chakra is undergoing a healing rehaul? Find out here.

Healing isn't always a magical experience of immediate relief - sometimes it can be bumpy and take time. Feeling yucky? Could be a sign of healing! 

15 Signs of Throat Chakra Opening and Healing

  1. Sore or swollen throat

  2. Coughing, especially productive coughs

  3. Sneezing, stuffy nose, or colds

  4. Sinus headaches and infections

  5. Swollen lymph nodes in the neck

  6. Influx of creative ideas and thoughts

  7. Suddenly feeling more talkative, even with strangers

  8. More able to hear what others are really saying between their words

  9. Interest in new music and new genres of music

  10. More extreme reactions to things you say – either adverse or supportive

  11. People take notice and seem surprised or offended by the things you say now

  12. An increase in arguments and disagreements in your relationships

  13. Fluctuations in thyroid functioning, as indicated by symptoms and medication adjustments

  14. Excess mucous production

  15. Losing your voice

Each sign is can be an indicator of healing. In many cases, the more signs you notice, the deeper the healing and greater the opening. However, if you don’t have any of these symptoms, this does not mean you haven’t healed. It may mean that you are healing on a different timescale in a different way that may not manifest physically or emotionally for you.

Rest assured, healing periods tend to be temporary and last only a short while before you begin to experience the benefits of throat chakra healing – clearer communication pathways for you to speak your truth and for you to hear the truth of others.

Happy Throat Chakra Healing!

With love,

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LAST UPDATED: June 24, 2015