18 Ways to Clear a Root Chakra Blockage

Got a root chakra blockage? Don’t worry, it’s arguably the most commonly blocked chakra – and there are lots of ways to clear a blockage!

Because the root chakra is your one and only connection with grounding, earth energy, clearing a blockage here is really important. If one exists, it essentially stops all energy from reaching your upper chakras entirely and can really throw you off, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. A root chakra blockage is no. joke.

Need a fast reference list of ways to clear a blockage?

18 Ways to Clear a Root Chakra Blockage

  1. Engage in a regular process of earthing, where you connect your feet directly with the earth

  2. Integrate grounding meditations into your daily routine

  3. Use the affirmation, “I am secure, safe, and protected in this moment.”

  4. Use the affirmation, “I have everything I need in this moment.”

  5. Get a foot massage, from a professional or a friend/loved one

  6. Soak in the bath with epsom salts, just your feet and legs or your whole body

  7. Try reversing grounding by bringing source energy through your crown chakra and forcing it downward

  8. Visualize your pelvis, legs, and feet as filled with hardened cement and then visualize a jackhammer breaking it up with the pieces falling away into the Earth

  9. When you’re sitting watching TV, use breaks to visualize a tree trunk coming from your seat and firmly rooting itself into the Earth beneath your house or apartment

  10. Go on walks or runs several times a week

  11. See an energy healer

  12. Use a root chakra healing guided meditation

  13. Get outside and visit outdoor markets, events, and parks

  14. Find a way to ground (often!) that works for you

  15. Sit indian style during meditations or with your feet flat on the ground – do not lay down

  16. Visualize your root chakra as a red rose that has a closed bud, then visualize it gradually opening to full bloom

  17. Visualize a blockage as black gunk and visualize yourself scooping out the gunk with a shovel and tossing it onto the ground and back into the Earth

  18. Stretch those hips – yoga, hip openers, whatever you feel like. Move around and get the energy flowing.

That’s my short list of ways to clear a root chakra blockage, with tips taken from individual, private sessions with clients. Pick one or a few that you like, and stick with it – don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do it all. The key is to build a routine and choose something that you can make part of your regular, day to day life.

Keeping the root chakra clear, healed, and blockage free is so integral to your overall chakra health, that I would recommend choosing at least one of these items to add to your daily activities, making it just as vital to you as brushing your teeth.

Happy root chakra healing,

ready to heal the root chakra? try this root chakra healing meditation.

LAST UPDATED: October 30, 2015