25 Ways to Clear a Throat Chakra Blockage

Known as the center for clear communication, clairaudience, hearing, and speaking, the throat chakra is our 5th energetic center also responsible for maintaining health and wellness in our upper respiratory system and sinus areas.

If you have a blocked throat chakra, you likely already know it. The throat chakra is one of the most common chakras to become blocked and the symptoms can include colds, coughs, frequent sinus infections, seasonal allergies, and more.

The good news is that if you can get a throat chakra blockage, you can also clear a throat chakra blockage. It may take a little work and a little stepping out of your comfort zone because after all, the point is to be healed, not to return to your previous state of unwell.

Need some ideas? I’ve got you covered.

25 Ways to Clear a Throat Chakra Blockage

  1. Start speaking up for yourself in areas of your life that you previously did not
  2. Tell others your true feelings, especially in important relationships (try to be nice!)
  3. Release fears of rejection and speak your feelings regardless of outcome
  4. Practice listening without interrupting
  5. Ask others how they’re doing and genuinely want to know the answer
  6. If you’re feeling undervalued, disrespected, or taken for granted – say it.
  7. Have a conversation with someone and never bring up yourself
  8. Instead of keeping your mouth shut, find a way to open it – respectfully
  9. Start compromising, ensuring your needs and the other person’s needs are both met
  10. Buy some throat healing tea
  11. Work with crystals known to heal the throat chakra, like blue lace agate and azurite
  12. Try a throat chakra healing meditation
  13. Do a self-chakra cleanse
  14. Speak in a public forum or at a public event. Let your voice be heard
  15. Start a blog or YouTube channel
  16. Join an online community and voice your opinions freely
  17. Get a journal and use it
  18. Create a podcast on the issues that mean the most to you
  19. See a healer that works with energy
  20. Start practicing with and using a pendulum to open your throat chakra
  21. Say no when you don’t want to do something, even a favor
  22. Drink high energy beverages, like smoothies, herbal teas, and green drinks (not to be confused with Monster, Red Bull, or Rockstar)
  23. Drink lots of water
  24. Go for a walk to clear your mind
  25. Start using and developing your intuitive ability of clairaudience

There you have it! This list comprises a variety of ways to clear a throat chakra blockage, most of which can be done completely on your own with no outside help.

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