30 Ideas for Grounding Yourself

30 ideas for getting yourself grounded ~ excellent list for beginners, and a great reminder list even for the most advanced practitioner. 

by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

Need to get grounded, but not sure where to start?

I’ve compiled this list of 30 ways to ground yourself for natural healing and rejuvenation. Each person grounds differently, and what works for you, may very well not work for the next person. There are so many different ways to connect and this list of 30 includes my favorites. Enjoy! 

30 easy ways to ground yourself! from Sarah Petruno Shamana

30 Ways to Ground Yourself

  1. Learn how to ground in meditation

  2. Work on understanding and healing your root chakra

  3. Drink healing and grounding teas

  4. Eat grounding foods - like root veggies, earths, and plants

  5. Go on a walk in your neighborhood

  6. Take a weekend hike

  7. Connect with nature and tree spirits

  8. Visit your tree friend regularly

  9. On walks and hikes, pay special attention to plants close to the ground

  10. Take a bath with mineral salts. I like these.

  11. Take a bath with essential oils or herbs. We order from MountainRoseHerbs.com

  12. Watch a sunset

  13. Step away from the computer and social media

  14. Remind yourself that you are secure right now, in this moment

  15. Intentionally choose to stop worrying, and bring yourself back to present

  16. Put down your phone and take a media break

  17. Stop engaging others in conversations that make you feel worried

  18. Disconnect from situations or people that cause worry and for those in which you have no real current solution

  19. Develop a daily practice of deep breathing, bringing breath into your stomach

  20. Start a yoga practice

  21. Have sex

  22. Listen to music with earthen instruments, like drums, pipes, and flutes

  23. Get windchimes that you can hear from inside your house

  24. Work in your yard or garden (container gardens count!)

  25. Take frequent “breathers” outside for fresh air

  26. Drink water infused with berries

  27. Fill your space at home, work, or car with scents that remind you of the earth - like pine, juniper, rosemary and sage.

  28. Imagine tree roots coming from your feet and sinking into the Earth

  29. Incorporate Earth inspired dyes, prints, and patterns into your wardrobe and decor

  30. Start making your own bath and body products from Earth sourced ingredients, like nut butters, essential oils, and herbal infused oils

Happy grounding!


ready to get grounded? try this root chakra healing meditation.

LAST UPDATED: February 5, 2015

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