30 Signs of a Blocked Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is our primary energetic center that connects us to the energy source located within the Earth. It’s our one and only connection with this source, and a blockage here can cause problems throughout the rest of our energetic system and consequently, our lives.

A blockage in energy flow in the Root Chakra can cause reverberations that stretch from head to toe, and expand into many areas of our lives.

If you consider humans as energetic beings, we generate and produce energy, and we have a need to discharge this energy safely. This is very similar to metal pole that receives electricity from a lightning storm, and through its connection to the Earth it naturally grounds and discharges this electricity safely. However, even though we are physical beings, we aren’t stationary inert objects.

We are moving, functioning, sentient beings with a dynamic, consistent energy flow.

This flow of energy can become blocked or stagnant in any area throughout our body. The primary chakra, our root chakra, is one such area. It’s one of the most common places for blockage and the signs of a blockage are numerous. When this happens, we are unable to receive energy from the Earth or discharge a build up of energy, and as a result – we can experience an increasing degree of malfunction within our lives, from our finances, to our state of wellbeing, to our mental health.

Thinking you may have a root chakra blockage?

This is my short list of the most common signs.

30 Signs of a Root Chakra Blockage

  1. Craving comfort foods
  2. Feeling disconnected and distant from the physical world
  3. Feeling spacey and out of it
  4. Several days of grumpiness or unexplained irritability
  5. Exhaustion and tiredness
  6. Having a hard time getting out of bed and starting the day
  7. Wanting to stay home more than usual
  8. Increase in appetite or lack thereof
  9. Leg cramps or muscle spasms
  10. Swelling or edema in the lower limbs
  11. Restless leg syndrome
  12. Decreased circulation in the legs and feet
  13. Numbness or feeling like your legs are falling asleep more often
  14. Increase in worry about finances or job stability
  15. Questioning or concern of your life or career path
  16. Increase in nervousness or anxiety in general
  17. An urge to get off the grid or disconnect from electronics/social media
  18. Spending more time in the produce department while shopping
  19. A desire to go to local markets and farms (can include seasonal activities)
  20. Feeling drawn to more neutral tones in your wardrobe or color palette
  21. A desire to be more domestic – organizing the home, cooking, baking, yardwork, etc.
  22. Noticing a tendency to align your sleep/wake cycles more closely with the sunrise and sunset (matching your circadian rhythm with natural patterns)
  23. Urge to partake in more physical activities, like going for a walk or a run
  24. Desire to connect and reach out to family members, friends, neighbors, and members of the community
  25. Feeling distant from your pets and loved ones
  26. Wanting to move or leave your job
  27. Desire to dedicate more time to outdoor activities like gardening or hiking
  28. Increase in desire for more self sufficiency from creating your own things to building projects to canning and pickling.
  29. Questioning your career, life path, or choices thus far
  30. General confusion of what you’re supposed to do or need to do in order to move forward, or a lack of clarity or confidence in next steps

If even one or a few of these signs resonate and speak to you, it can be a sign that you are experiencing a root chakra blockage. The more you connect with, the greater the likelihood and potentially the greater degree of the blockage.

Want to start healing your root chakra? You have options!

Try this root chakra healing meditation.

This blog post lists 30 ideas for grounding and clearing the root chakra.

The root chakra is one of the most commonly blocked chakras, and luckily, it’s also one for which you have many options for healing it – the key is finding what works for you and addresses your specific situation.

Happy Healing,



Ready to heal the root chakra? Try this root chakra healing meditation.