4 Card Oracle Spread for Healing & Resolving Personal Problems

When it comes to getting spiritual information for myself from my Guides, I use a couple methods.

Yes, I talk to them directly.

But sometimes, when you’re so deep in a situation it can be hard to filter out your own bias and see clearly what they’re trying to show you. This is why it’s hard to read for yourself. It’s like trying to see your own life objectively – it’s pretty hard to do.

Not to mention the complexity that arises when you consider the amount of other people’s energy that’s likely in your energy field.

Things can get pretty foggy from the inside.

This is where cards come in.

Through the use of oracle and tarot cards, your guides can give you images, pictures, and words to shape the message they’re trying to send you.

I use several different spreads. Some are basic, some I’ve found online, and many I’ve created myself.

Below, you’ll see a simple 4 card spread that I use to gain guidance on resolving and healing personal situations that arise. 

Short and to the point.

Don’t have a deck? This one has been my favorite for over a year!


With love,


LAST UPDATED: June 7, 2016

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