4 Ways to Release Pain Energy

Pain energy is formed when we carry with us painful emotions from past experiences and events in our lives, instead of healing from the experience and releasing those emotions.

As those heavy emotions like anger and sadness linger, they can sit like a weight inside of us causing health problems and preventing us from being truly happy, often making us angry and depressed.

When you release the pain energy from your system and move on with your life – you’ll find yourself feeling lighter, happier, and brighter. And often times, physically healthier, too.

Ready to get rid of your pain energy?  Here are 4 ways to do just that.

Try one of these 4 methods for releasing pain and emotions that are no longer serving you!

4 Ways to Release Pain Energy

1.  Write a list and burn it

Sit down and think about all the situations in your life that have caused you pain. The people, events, scenarios, let downs, disappointments, and failed relationships.

What unresolved thing from your past do you find yourself thinking about most often?  

What do you find yourself dwelling on?

What still makes you sad, years later?

Write it all down and include details, names, and dates.

After you have finished your list, take it outside, and burn it. The act of burning is a symbolic way to destroy and erase your, otherwise intangible, emotional pain. It gives the act of release meaning and feeling in the physical world. As the list burns and begins to smoke, intend for the smoke to carry away those feelings and remove them from your energetic and physical body. This symbolic act is an energetic one. When you write your emotions out, you are able to energetically transfer them from inside of yourself, to outside and away from yourself with a singular, symbolic act.

2. Absolve blame

For deeper healing of each of the experiences and events you listed above, you can intentionally and directly absolve involved parties of blame. This provides a targeted release of pain energy from each individual situation, as you are releasing the individual from blame in their role in the experience.

When we assign blame or faults for a certain scenario, we are dwelling on WHO should be responsible for the pain. We focus on the pain and who caused it, not, how we can grow and triumph over the experience.

When we absolve blame and fault, we instead turn our focus to the lessons learned from the experience and how we were able to grow. We shift our focus from pain to growth.

To absolve blame, all you have to do is write a letter to yourself or the person that your pain energy is focused upon, releasing yourself or this person from fault in the experience. In the letter, intentionally state that you are releasing blame and then, take a moment to think about how you can acknowledge that experience for how it has allowed you to grow. Include a mention of gratitude for this person and this experience and how it as allowed you to grow as a soul. This is again a symbolic act and the letter it not intended to be delivered; it’s a means of allowing you to put your intentions to paper and bring your thoughts and feelings into the physical world, making them feel (and be) more real to you.

3.  Spill it

Speak to a confidant about what bothers you. Have someone “hold the space” for you.  By confessing what bothers you to another person, you are releasing this pain energy from your body and out into the common space. This form of releasing is actually a way to have a witness to your experience, so that you feel heard, acknowledged, and accepted – despite anything that you have done or troubles you are facing.

When you speak your emotions as words, the pain energy flows out of you and is released from inside of you. The energy is no longer bound and trapped inside of you, weighing you down. This is why many people find therapy helpful – a therapist’s job is to provide a comforting and supportive space for their clients to release painful emotions.

4.    Embark on a journey of inner healing

Pain energy can be hidden deep within the inner recesses of our consciousness. You may not even remember certain events that caused pain, and it may take some digging to find those aspects hiding within you.

If you feel as though inner pain is what’s causing emotional and physical afflictions, if might be time to delve deeper and explore alternative healing modalities that focus on healing the Spirit and unearthing layers of pain for healing.

To do this, you can work with a healer to help you find those areas and roots of pain that are causing you distress, or you can find and heal those areas yourself. I specialize in teaching others how they can reclaim their own ability to heal themselves – energetically, spiritually and physically. Check out my eCourses and Intensives to help you get started. There’s even a free one!

My favorite books {right now} for self-healing are:

Wheel of Initiation: Practices for Releasing Your Inner Light by Julie Tallard Johnson


The Evolving Soul: Spiritual Healing Through Past Life Exploration by Dr Linda Backman

No matter what option you choose, know that you have within you the power to heal from pain.

With love,

Last Updated: January 6, 2016

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