5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Saying You’re Broke

At 9 am, I opened up my blog and work email.

Receipts for business expenses, charges, and emails from clients filled the inbox, but there was one that stuck out at me.

It’s an email I receive on a regular basis, but each time, from a different person.

It goes something like this,

“Sarah, I want to buy XYZ thing that you offer because I think I’m a shaman, but I have no money. I’m on a limited budget and I can’t afford anything. Please help me.”

Each time I open an email like this, it tugs on my heartstrings, because, well, this was me.

This was my story.

I repeated it over and over again in a million different ways. Telling myself, my husband, my friends, and my family that I couldn’t afford to buy this, I couldn’t afford to that, and we didn’t have the money for such and such a thing.

Then, I realized, that my telling and re-telling of this story wasn’t helping.

It didn’t make me feel better to recount my broke-ness and tell it all over town. It didn’t suddenly make money appear in my hands. Telling this story didn’t make me rich.

In fact, it was probably making it worse. I was focusing so much of my time and energy on the knowledge that I couldn’t afford anything, that I wasn’t paying attention to what I could afford, or even, how I could change the situation.

Telling the story of being broke doesn’t help your situation.

It needs to stop and here’s why.

Talking about being broke doesn't fix anything - and it may even make things worse. 5 reasons why you need to stop talking about it. 

5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Saying You’re Broke

1. It doesn’t feel good.

If you’ve been a reader of this blog or you’ve just stumbled upon it, there’s one thing that we need to know. Emotions and thoughts have energy. When you have feelings and thoughts that make you feel not so great, this means they are considered low energy. Negative energy. When you perpetuate a cycle of not feeling good by telling the broke story over and over again, you sit yourself right down in low energy and make it impossible for high energy things to reach you . . . because you’re all up in low energy. High energy things = joy, happiness, and abundance. MONEY.

2. It tells a story you don’t want to be true.

When you only have one record player (you), how can you keep playing the same ol’ record, while simultaneously playing a new record?

You can’t.

If you focus all your energy on being broke and not being able to afford, you divert any energy that could be working towards a solution or towards actually getting you cash dollars. You can’t be working towards being rich, when you’re currently playing the sad violin on being poor. It really is impossible. Yes, this has to do with energy. When you’re projecting the energy of “I’m poor & I can’t afford things” into the universe, the energetic signal the universe receives from you is exactly that. Meaning, your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones, so hard as they might try, wouldn’t be able to send you money and resources because your energetic field is filled with the exact mismatch of the energy you want. When you put that record on repeat, your energy and the energy of being rich are polar opposites and can’t come close.

If you want to live a different story, you have to tell a different story.

3. It prevents money from actually getting to you.

Same as above. Telling everyone on God’s green earth that you’re broke fills your energetic field and aura with low energy (negative energy). This is the exact opposite from the high energy state you want to be in in order to receive high energy things – like feel good emotions, and yes, money.

4. It makes other people tell that story about you . . . from the outside.

This one is the complete worst. It’s one thing to have to deal with your own energy and getting yourself out of the low energy spiral that is talking about being poor, but it’s another thing to have to deal with the energy that other people are placing on you.

Yes, other people can have expectations about you and these expectations have energy. Which, when they are about you, they may as well be aimed at you and tacked right onto your energy field and aura.

This means that your mom, your sister, and your best friend, if you’ve ever spoken woes of your money struggles to them, now have the expectation of you that you can’t afford and won’t be able to afford just about anything. Their energy infiltrates your energy field and can also prevent money from reaching you – just by telling the energetic story of “So and So can’t afford,” even if it’s just in their mind and the words never leave their lips. 

5. It demonstrates lack of gratitude for that which you do have.

I get it. You’re sighing now because you’re totally sick of hearing about gratitude. But I’m serious, you really do have to appreciate what you do have and what you can afford right now. It’s the quickest way to release those feelings of being broke and clear your energy of them. Whenever you’re feeling poor, make a list of everything you do have and are grateful to have – and you can instantly replace those feelings of poverty with feelings of wealth. Which is exactly what you need if you want to be wealthy.

The sooner you stop yourself from telling the tale of being broke, poor, and penniless, the quicker you can be on your way to the opposite of that. But, you have to commit yourself to telling a different story and making yourself believe it’s true.

LAST UPDATED: October 7, 2015