5 Signs You Have Healing Gifts

With some intuitive, psychic gifts, it’s pretty obvious that you have them.

If you see ghosts or Spirits, hear voices, or even so much as see things out of the corner of your eyes, it’s relatively easy to narrow down that something is going on there. Sure, maybe not right away, but after a few clicks on Google, you’re already fairly certain that you’re a traditional, seeing dead people medium.

But what if, you don’t necessarily see ghosts, and instead, you find that you’re still highly intuitive, empathic, and an aware individual – then what? Is this a psychic, intuitive gift? If so, what kind of gift is it? If it’s not seeing dead people, then what could it be?

I’ll tell you.

By and large, there is a huge part of the general population who have intuitive gifts and they aren’t even aware that they matter or can be put to good use. Perhaps these “gifts” often seem like a nuisance.

Many unknowing healers are often misdiagnosed with mental disorders, are seen as too sensitive or overly emotional, or have trouble regulating moods. 

This is a psychic gift known as clairsentience and is the strongest gift of a healer.

There are very obvious signs that you have this gift if you know where to look.

I’ve listed a few of the top tell-tale indicators of a healer below.

5 of the top signs you have healing gifts that are yet to be discovered - 

5 Signs You Have Healing Gifts

1. It seems like everyone you know (or don’t know) comes to you with their problems.

When you’re a healer, whether you know it or not, you have access to a channel of healing energy.

On a subconscious level, other people recognize this in you and are drawn to you for help solving their problems and answering their questions.

If you have healing gifts, you are essentially radiating an energy of “I can help you.”

You are seen as a beacon of help and understanding, simply by the energy that you put out into the world as a healer.

2. You often experience shoulder, neck, and back pain.

As a healer, you act as a prism to transmute low, negative energy into healed, high energy.

Even without knowing it, you can be transmuting and healing energy.

When this happens, and you don’t cleanse yourself as the conduit for healing, you can develop a build-up of unhealed energy from others.

This build-up tends to occur in the energetic location of the body that is most active for healers – the heart chakra, which encompasses the shoulders, neck, and back.

When low energy sticks around for too long, it can crystallize as physical pain in the shoulders, neck, and back.

3. You are highly empathic, often experiencing other’s pain as physical discomfort in yourself

As a healer, your strongest psychic gift is something called clairsentience. This means that you are able to clearly feel and sense energy.

Emotions and physical pain are forms of energy.

Anything that exists in this universe carries with it a certain energy – tables, chairs, humans, sound waves, thoughts, emotions, feelings, plants – these are all things that exist as energy.

When you can actually feel another’s pain or suffering as a physical manifestation in yourself, this is a CLEAR sign that you have strong energetic and healing abilities.

Has someone around you ever been so nervous, that you could feel your own stomach start to turn? Or, in turn started feeling anxious yourself?

Your best friend, when her heart was broken, did your chest ache too?

And on a more positive side, has anyone ever been so filled with elation and joy, that you became so happy you could cry tears of joy?

These are all ways in which you have sensed (and taken on) the energy of another person.

4. You find yourself feeling spacey or out of it in physical world activities

Have you ever found yourself sitting at table with yourself, and another person, or a few people while a situation was being discussed?

In a situation like that, have you ever felt as though you’ve checked out of the conversation? Spaced out of a meeting?

Eventually, you snapped back to earth and came out of your trance-like, spaced out of it state of being.

This is a simplistic example of a shamanic journey.

A shamanic journey, all it is, is when your Spirit leaves your body. In shamanism, it’s with the intent of healing or gaining divine information. But the core requirement is that your spirit leaves your body and at some point later, comes back (you can read more about this here).

When this happens, it leaves you less present in the physical space causing you to feel spacey and out of it in the physical world.

Being able to do this, even if you aren’t aware of it, is a healing ability in the making.

5. You’ve been diagnosed with or given the suspected diagnosis of a mental disorder.

Being able to sense energy, especially emotional energy, as a healer leaves you open to feeling the transient and chaotic emotions and energy of the world around you.

Depending on your specific shade of healer, the way that this energy is felt by you can differ. The way that it feels to you and makes you feel can drastically change your emotional and mood states.

By and large, the only way the western world has to define and categorize this ability to feel energy, notice it, and have it effect you, is to tag it as a symptom or symptoms of a mental disorder.

Before I was a shaman, I was diagnosed with 4 of them. And I’m not alone.

If you’ve been diagnosed or you have a suspected diagnosis, consider that your problem isn’t mental illness, and instead, that you’re an unawakened healer.

Still not convinced? 

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LAST UPDATED: February 15, 2016