6 Ways to Feel More Grounded

Grounding is the process of rooting your energy with the energy deep within the core of the Earth.

The Earth’s energy is purifying, cleansing, stabilizing, and healing.

There is security as you connect yourself to the the millions of years and accompanying layers of bedrock and sediment beneath our feet. When you ground, you link yourself with the energy from the deep center, as it permeates upwards, through the layers, and reaches the top tiers of the soil.

To access this healing, secure, and calming energy – we only have to take one further step.

We have to meet the energy of the Earth part of the way, and make the attempt to put our roots into the Earth, and connect with the soil and the energy within. We have to intentionally decide to reconnect downward, with the soil beneath our feet and the energy contained in and throughout each particle.

In doing this, we become grounded.

The benefits of grounding are numerous:

    More clarity of mind

    Increased feelings of security in the present moment

    Calmer and more collected presence of mind

   Feelings of stillness and peace

    A refreshed and rejuvenated energy state

    Increased instances of relaxation

    …and more!

Intentional grounding can be done through a traditional, guided, grounding meditation. However, if meditation isn’t your thing or if you’re looking for a way to integrate new strategies and practices into your life – there are other things you can do to connect and access the calming, cleansing energy of the Earth.

6 Things You Can Do Today to Feel More Grounded

1. More Stillness of Mind in Nature

Spending more time outside, in and of itself, is a common recommendation for grounding. But this one is different.

Spend time in nature with the intention of only spending time in nature.

Turn off your phone, go to a no service area, bring a journal and a blanket to sit and write. Go into nature with the sole purpose of appreciating the space you’re in – taking extra care to notice the clarity of the air, the rustle of the foliage, and the trickle of a hidden spring. Look around you, and notice the way the light filters through the trees, hitting the plants of the understory in a magical way. Take care to consider the way the atmospheric molecules feel on your skin. Go to clear your mind and work through solutions to problems you’re facing with just you and the trees, the waves, or the grass.

Go into nature to connect, work with, and appreciate nature. By intentionally venturing to a park, a trail, or a lakeshore with the mindset that you are going to work together and within nature, you’re putting down roots. You’re making yourself at home in a new space, and you’re sending down into the Earth the energy of connection.

You’re intentionally choosing to connect, and because of that, you do connect.

2. Drink Grounding Beverages

Beverages created, brewed, steeped and extracted from elements of the Earth, inherently contain and retain, grounding Earth Energy. By drinking these fluids, you’re integrating the Earth Energy into your being, as it slides down your throat, to your stomach. With each sip, grounding energy flows through you, starting at your mouth, and gliding all the way down to your feet, where their connection meets the earth. You create a chain of earthing energy through your physical body, by the very fluid you drink. The energy of the imbibed liquid doesn’t stop at your stomach, but rather, extends all the way down to the very bottoms of your feet, linking back with the Earth Energy from which it originated. The energy of the liquid does the work for you, with your added intention of drinking the liquid for that purpose.

The most strongly grounding beverages are those which are made from roots and water, where so much of the Earth Energy is concentrated and stored – in the roots of the soil and the water of the Earth. Rooting beverages, most often, take the form of an herbal tea made from a root or a collection of roots – such as Valerian, Ginger, Burdock, Eleuthero, and Marshmallow.

You can make your own root chakra healing tea with recipe in the Chakra Tea eBook.

3. Eat Grounding Foods

The ingestion of grounding foods works in much of the same way as the the consumption of grounding liquids. Through, a practice of eating grounding foods can provide for a more sustained sense of groundedness – as the food is digested, grounding energy continues to be related through your energetic and physical system. Grounding foods are root vegetables, nuts, low lying berries – like strawberries or blueberries, and low lying, energetically dense greens, such as spinach.

4. Movement Outside

Through movement in nature, you create an energetic link between your feet and body and the earth, and you also generate and sustain an energy flow. This energy flow is highly cleansing, purifying, and rooting. As your feet connect with the earth, step after step, and you continue to move, you sustain an energetic pump, or a pedal, that with each movement of the feet, draws up energy from the Earth, into your being. The more you move, the more energy is drawn up and through your system. The longer you move, and the more often you engage in outdoor movement, the stronger your pump system – more energy is drawn up, more often, for longer lasting periods of time.

Think of it as an abandoned water pump, that draws up water from groundwater with each pump of the handle. At first use of the pump, there may be rust and blockages in the base, that require more pumping and leverage to get a sustained flow of water up into the piping to get to a point where water is dispensed. With more frequent use, more often, and for more sustained periods of time – pretty soon, that pump is releasing water every time you approach it, on the very first try. It’s primed and ready to go.

By moving in nature, you’re priming and improving your energy piping. Your clearing blockages, just by moving, and connecting with the energy of the Earth quickly and readily.

5. Consider Your “Right Now” Status

At the very core of our feelings of groundedness, is also our feeling of stability. Of standing on solid, unchanging ground, with no threats of change or quake. We feel most strongly grounded, when we feel most secure in our present life.

When we consider the future, and worry about potential future earthquakes that could threaten the secure ground on which we now stand, we bring that earthquake closer to home. We allow the future worry and what if, to trickle in and tremble our sturdy base.

To feel more secure in your right now, consider the status of your right now more often.

Right now, do you (and all those under your wing),

    Have food to eat?

    Have a roof over your head?

    Have a bed to sleep in?

    Have warmth?

    Have love and happiness?

If yes, congratulations! Your basic needs are met. Everything is okay right now. Everything is secure – the ground on which you stand, right now, is firm.

At times of shakiness, return to your right now and consider your status. Ask yourself these questions, and by answering, one by one, those trembles into your bedrock slowly melt away.

6. Enjoy a Sunset

The Sun, sinking into the horizon, and connecting with the Earth, is perhaps the Universe’s biggest example of grounding in action. The act of the energy of the above, connecting in real time, with the energy of the below. The Divine Energy above, that which resides in the Sun, and also in you, connecting with the Divine Energy below, that which resides in the center of the Earth.

In witnessing and contemplating this daily grounding of the sun, your own energy, inherently and intuitively, flows down to unison, connecting with the Earth at the very moment the Sun touches down.

This is a real life grounding meditation, with no recordings or videos to watch. Just go outside at sunset, and watch. As you do, you become grounded.

Each of these examples is a method of grounding – only 6 are listed here, and countless others abound. I encourage to you to explore and try one, some, or all, as you feel guided, to find a way that allows you, personally, to feel most grounded. A way that resonates best with your energy, and allows you to feel the strongest sense of calm and peace, available to you is the grounding tool ideal for you.

The strategy that brings you the most connection, may change, depending on day, time, mood, weather, and seasonality. Allow yourself flexibility of choice, creativity, and adaptation of tool.

Wishing you peace and security,



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