6 Ways to Protect Your House From Unwanted Spirits and Energy

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I know Spirits and Ghosts can be scary, and that can lead us to call them unwanted or bad, but before I give you some tips on how to protect yourself from low energy, ghosts, spirits, and anything else spiritual you don’t want around, I just want to clear the air.

Most bad and unwanted spirits aren’t actually intentionally evil or bad.

You may think they are out to be evil, but they probably aren’t trying to be evil.

MOST of them, just really don’t know the consequences of their actions or that what they’re doing is scaring people. Or they do know, and they’re doing it because they just want someone to listen to their needs for once in the past century.

Imagine how pissed you’d be if you’d been trying to talk to people for 50 years and everyone pretended you didn’t exist?

Some people don’t know they’re dead, and this reality drives them completely nuts to the point of rage.

So, first things first, as hard as it might be, let’s have some compassion for their difficult situation and what led them to be upset, angry, or misunderstood right now. There has to be some pain behind that.

Now, in this post, I’m going to give you some tips on what you can to keep unwanted ghosts and spirits out of your house, but at the same time, the tips also apply to LOW ENERGY. Call it negative or bad energy if you want, but it’s all the same thing.

Unwanted spirits and ghosts tend to show up for two reasons:

1. When there’s negative energy, unhappiness, or discontent floating around in the home


2. You have gifts, they know about it, and they’re coming to talk to you because they need help or because it’s time for those gifts to come out of slumber

If you want Spirits gone or you want to protect yourself from them AND from the low energy that may call them in. . . 

Here are some things you can do:

1. Just talk to them

Seriously. They can hear you and they’re standing right there. Don’t wave sage in their face – that’s even more enraging! Tell them they are scaring you and that this is your space and they need to get out! BUT, there is one caveat. If the Spirit is there for someone else you share your home with, they won’t leave because you aren’t the only one who owns the space. If you can, get the whole house on board and have everyone say aloud that the Spirit has to leave.

You’ll want to be careful if you do this, just in case the spirit is Grandma and you don’t want to banish her, too. To make this distinction, you’ll say that if the spirit is not “in the light,” they have to go and aren’t welcome.

Take your power back, stand firm and without fear, and tell them to GTFO.

2. Grid your house with crystals

This one is a bit pre-emptive and won’t work as well if your home already has spirits or low energy in it. But, it will help guard against future intrusions of energy and spirit. I share more details about how to do this in the Day to Day Shamanism video class, but, as a brief crash course, get yourself:

Then, go around the house and put a quartz point in the corners of every room (to raise the vibration), a selenite and tourmaline chunk in each windowsill (to accept in light and block dark), your big piece of obsidian or granite at the front and back doors (for protection), and place your selenite tower or rose quartz pyramid on a shelf or surface as close to the center of your house as you can get it (to amplify the vibration). Then, go around your property (if you’re doing this step) and place the tiger’s eye around the perimeter.

And that’s it, you’ve got a crystal energy fortress of protection now. This will keep out a bulk of the lower energy and unwanted spirits, but probably not all. Some spirits don’t pay attention, care, or are just passing through.

3. Set some spiritual boundaries

Put in writing what is and is not okay for you to experience spiritually. Unfortunately, if you’re experiencing spirits at all, you usually can’t say, “No spirits ever.” Too late for that. The doorway has been opened. You’ll need helper spirits to help protect you and enforce your boundaries, so SOME spirits have to be okay. Make it clear if Good (light) Spirits are okay, and if dark (earthbound) spirits are not okay. What about deceased relatives? Can they visit? Think about it. Write it down.

4. Do some things to lift the energy

Ultimately, bad spirits are often attracted by “bad” or low energy. To counter this, it helps to do some things to raise the vibration and lift the energy. Sage the house. Play some music. Open some windows. Laugh. Do what makes you and your family feel happy. For more ideas, see this article.

5. Call on some Archangels to help you

Archangels are typically thought of as being associated with Christianity, and thus, only available to Christians. NOT TRUE. Angels are for everyone and help EVERYONE. They are the masters at nuisance spirit and demon removal, and if you have some obstinate spirits on your hands, it’s time to try calling in some Archangels and visualizing the angels trapping them in a net, scooping them up, and carrying them off.

6. Answer the calling and realize it’s time for your spiritual gifts to WAKE UP

If nothing you’re doing is working, it doesn’t mean that you’re a failure or that the person giving you the advice is a failure, it probably means that you can’t escape that spirits are a part of your life now. You might need to face the truth that dealing with spirits on some level is part of your life calling now, as much as you may not like or believe it. If spirits won’t leave you alone, it’s likely because spirits need your help and yours alone. (Bonus: lots of spirits around you can also feel like anxiety or a panic attack). If this is you, then realize you’re not alone.

The age of awakening is here and you’re a part of it. If you need support, consider joining my subscription program, The Shaman Life, for support from a community of like-minded souls. (Get more information on it here!).

Good luck!