7 Reasons Why Fairy Guides are Great

We all have supporters and helpers in Spirit that help guide us in life. These individuals are called Spirit Guides and can take any number of forms – they can be people, animals, plants, and yes, even fairies.

Fairies are real and of the many things they do, one of which can be to act as your Spirit Guide.

You can have a Fairy as a Spirit Guide, and in fact, many people do and don’t even know it! Fairy Guides are my favorite type of Spirit Guide to work with (shh, don’t tell the other Spirits!) for so many reasons.

If you have one, I promise you they are worth knowing. These are my reasons why.

Fairy Guides are the best kind of Spirit Guide - Learn why! 

7 Reasons Why Fairy Guides are Great

1. They’re Down to Earth

Fairies live on Earth right here with humans, which gives them the unique perspective to see things how you see them in a practical way. When other spirits can bring guidance that seems out of touch, flighty, and not relevant to you, fairy guides understand the physical world woes that you have and can relate to them in a connectable way.

2. They’re Real with You

Fairy Guides are straightforward and upfront with you. They feel like your friends and they tell it like it is – often in a funny way that brings a smile to your face.

3. They Put Things into Perspective

When you’re losing it, your fairy guide can help to you calm down quickly and put things back into perspective. Fairy Guides remind you of what matters without minimizing your challenges and they quickly neutralize a situation with love and laughter.

4. They Encourage Indulgence

Fairies are big on self-love, and they don’t forget to remind you to indulge in you. If you start to feel any guilt over being too indulgent, your fairy guide knows how to instantly stomp it out and convince you that you deserve it.

5. They Align Magical Experiences

For real, they do. Fairies are all about making sure you experience magical moments, especially when it comes to nature. Rare bird sightings? Tingling feelings in the woods? Stumbling upon a small waterfall on a walk? Your fairy guide wants to infuse child-like magic into your life, and when you work with your fairy guide, they will pay you back in gifts of magic.

6. They Remind You to Treat Yourself

Hemming and hawing over a new purse? A manicure? A $7 dessert? The supplies for a raised gardening bed? Your fairy guide will never encourage you to be irresponsible, but they will encourage you to treat yourself when it’s time to give back to you. It’s a nice reminder when too often we skimp on doing things for ourselves.

7. They Make You Laugh

Fairy guides are generally pretty hysterical. Their spiritual guidance tends to use funny examples and metaphors, designed to bring a smile to your face. When communicating with your fairy guide, you’ll often find yourself laughing and smiling at the things that they say.

Fairy Guides are great for so many reasons – and if you’re reading this blog, I guarantee you have one (or many!). I love their realness, their humor, and their down to earth perspectives. They are, by far, my favorite type of Spirit Guide.

Reach out to your Fairy Guides today and make a connection – you won’t regret it!

With love,

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LAST UPDATED: August 4, 2015