8 Herbs to Protect You From Psychic & Energetic Attacks

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Psychic Attacks are extremely common. Very very common.

The reason they are so common is that much of the time, the attacker does not even know what they are doing.

A psychic attack can be just a negative thought directed at another.

That is IT.

If it is a loved one, whom you may have a cord with, they can be sent even easier.

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Due to the ease and frequency that psychic attacks get sent out, it is important to have yourself protected.

One of the multiple ways you can do that is through the use of herbal remedies.

In this post, I will outline 8 of the best herbs to protect you from psychic attacks along with a little bit of information on each.

At the bottom of each herb’s entry, I will add some ways to use it. You may know, I’m a tea guy, so a lot will be based around that. However, there are other very effective ways to use herbs.

8 Herbs to Protect You From Psychic Attacks

1. Licorice Root

Licorice is a heal all kind of herb.

It really wants to be used in unison with others and is known as a harmonizer. This means it increases the efficacy of the other herbs. With Licorice, a little goes a long way – it is an extremely sweet root, many times more so than granulated sugar. I like to add a pinch of licorice to most of the teas I make for our family.

Licorice is known to be mucilaginous, meaning when this herb is made into tea or another preparation, the liquid will become thick and viscous. This property is important to protecting and soothing. Physically, it coats the lining of the digestive system. Energetically, it creates a barrier, somewhat of a forcefield around your aura. If an attack comes shooting at you, it will be slowed and dulled by your new protection.

Other than licorice being very sweet, I practice strict moderation in my licorice use because it has shown in some studies to raise blood pressure. Since I have high blood pressure (under control with herbs), I try to play it safe.

You can use licorice by steeping loose herbs as part of a tea, taking an extract/tincture internally, or buying a commercially available tea.

2. Rosemary Leaf

Culinary herbs have been paired with our food for ages. They can make things delicious with complimenting flavors. It was not always the case they were just thrown for your taste buds’ enjoyment, many, if not all, have highly beneficial actions in the body.

Rosemary is known widely as a brain function enhancing herb, ask Dr. Oz, I saw him talk about it on Oprah many years ago. Increasing blood flow into the upper part of your body, it also strengthens the energetics in that region. Fueling the crown chakra with energy allows it to help blast divine energy through the body to blow away attacks. It is particularly useful in warding away psychic attacks which come in the form of many daggers flying at you – these are the attacks that just keep coming and coming. (More on this in the Psychic Attacks Seminar).

Try rosemary as an oil, and rub it on the areas hit by attacks (my favorite use!!), or get dried, loose rosemary and create culinary masterpieces or steep it as a tea.

Herbalist Tom Petruno shares 8 of the best herbs to protect you from psychic and energetic attacks - in depth information on how each herb can help you and how you can use those herbs in your life. 

3. Linden Leaf and Flower

Anytime you run into a tree spirit, you can bet that it is a protector. Especially trees that grow large, they have a need to be a guardian of both nature and humans who choose to connect.

Linden is in this class of guardians and offers protection from the root chakra all the way to the crown.

Linden can sometimes be called Lime Tree and the herb Lime Flowers. This is due to the citrusy tone of flavor it can bring to your tea. It is really quite pleasant and an herb I have trouble leaving out of my personal blends.

Tree spirits also tend to create fortresses around your aura, a shield of bark to protect the valuable inner contents. If something is to get through the shield, a hot cup of linden tea will help you sweat it right out, the herb is known to be diaphoretic and thus, may cause you to sweat when you consume it. If you do drink it as a tea, make sure the tea is hot! When cold, it does not work in the same way. I use loose linden leaves and flowers and steep tea from that. 

4. Hawthorn

Hawthorn protects and strengthens the heart for periods before and after an emotional psychic attack. When a person is said to have a broken heart, this herb can be useful to help mend the pain.

You can find hawthorn as an herb to use in both berry and leaf form. They are both effective for protection. If you chose to do something fun with the berries, you can actually make them into a jam or conserve. Just spread it on your toast and reap the benefits.

Hawthorn directs energy to the point of attack to ward off any incoming bad energy or expels the bad that has already gained entry into your aura

How can you use hawthorn for protection?

Decoct the berries by boiling them to create a tea with. You can also make syrups and conserves with the berries. They make quite a delicious product.

Steep the leaf and flower to use in tea. The leaf and flower can be a bit of an acquired taste, so think about adding other herbs that you find more palatable.

Herbalist Tom Petruno shares 8 of the best herbs to protect you from psychic and energetic attacks - in depth information on how each herb can help you and how you can use those herbs in your life. 

5. Calendula

Widely known for its healing capabilities after the point of injury, calendula has few equals. However, when a psychic attack comes it is likely to be followed by more. This is another place where calendula shines. Its call to action to the body to protect from more incoming attacks. It helps the body to recognize the unique energetic signature of the previous attacks and prepare for what may be next.

As a physical healer, calendula is very useful for burns and other irritations of the skin. It is also effective for sores and bruises.

This is a plant that you should definitely grow if you have any sunny spot in your yard – in the ground or in a pot. The flowers are joyful and it will produce more and more as you cut them. I have been drying a new batch of calendula flowers every few days.

We use whole dried flowers in teas and infused oils to create salves. You can also buy calendula oil to rub on your body at the site of attack, or any skin eruption, burn, or irritation.

6. Chamomile

Chamomile is the most popular herbal tea herb there is. It is not surprising either. It is gentle enough to give to babies and strong enough to be the first herb you go to for anxiety, digestive upset, headaches, basically if you are in discomfort give it a try.

On the energy side of the spectrum, it turns you into ghost mode. Attacks flow right through and past you, never finding their target. They just seem to roll off. They do not hit and do not do damage.

Of course, knowing a psychic attack is on the way is a little tricky. So, it is essential to have herbs on hand that work after an attack.

Just like on incoming attack chamomile transforms your energy, it allows any nagging attacks and cords to fall out, as they no longer have an anchor. Chamomile is part of Sarah’s go-to remedy for psychic attack. 

There are SO many ways to use chamomile, our favorites are:

Herbalist Tom Petruno shares 8 of the best herbs to protect you from psychic and energetic attacks - in depth information on how each herb can help you and how you can use those herbs in your life. 

7. Echinacea

Coneflower is known as a superb immune system booster. This is another herb that is gentle, yet amazingly effective. Great for kids, elderly, and everyone in between. Make this an herb you use on a regular basis, as it will fortify your front line of defenses. Your immune system isn’t only for physical support, your energetic immunity responds quite quickly to the plant and will have your defenses stronger than ever.

Echinacea is the king of inflammatory support. Got poison? Use echinacea. Arthritis? Echinacea again. How about a viral infection? Don’t you dare use that antibiotic, get yourself some echinacea!

This is another great flower to grow in your garden. In fact, you can return kindness to it by doing so. Because echinacea has become such a popular herbal remedy, its wild populations have plummeted. When buying the herb, please go organic or make sure it is from a good sustainable source. E. purpurea is the best to get at this time due to E. angustifolia being hit a bit harder.

To use Echinacea easily, we recommend having the tincture on hand to take on the spot at the first signs of attack. You can take powdered echinacea in capsule form, which is great for ongoing protection. Or, you can make a tea from loose leaf herbs or buy one already made for you!

8. Rose

This is another herb that is specific to heart protection. Hawthorn deals more in mending the heart after something has happened. Rose is on the other side of things, prepping the heart to protect itself. Rose tangles a thicket of thorny vines around the heart. It sounds a little dark, but in actuality, it allows the heart to emit carefree and loving energy without fear. Fear of being broken and attacked.

There are all kinds of rose herbs out there.

Pink petals, pink flowers whole, red petals, Rose hips… use them all!

Rose also is packed with vitamin C, the go-to vitamin for fighting off evil that invades your body.

Roses grow in just about any place, and can be tenacious, from warm and wet climates to long wintered dry mountains. Plants that are able to adapt like that are certainly the type I like to have around and use often, you know they have built in protection for anything that comes your way.

These are our favorite ways to use rose:

As a tea –  Use Red Rose and Rose Hips to brew magnificent and fragrant tea. Then, climb into the bath sprinkled with rose petals and infuse yourself with rose water.

As a soap – Get the bad energy off you with a soap.

As a scent – Fill the air with rose incense to protect you.

Herbs react differently to every person. Have fun with this list, but don’t count out any other herbs that you feel are helping you.

Knowing how to use 100 different herbs all in a different way doesn’t necessarily make you a master herb user. Using 5-10 herbs you know work well for you 100 different ways does. Use wisely!



Tom Petruno is a trained plant spirit herbalist, homesteader, stay at home dad, lover of wild foraging, and homebrewing enthusiast. Oh yeah, he’s also Sarah’s husband. He also writes for the Tom’s Tidings section of the monthly The Shaman Life subscription program. 

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