8 Reasons Why Having No Clients Doesn’t Make You a Failure

I’ve made it no secret that shortly after I took a leap of faith into this little ol’ spiritual business of mine, I found myself homeless.

I won’t go into the full sob story here, but suffice to say, I was blogging, had a website, had ways for people to pay me for my services but. . . crickets.

I trusted that I would be repaid for all the wonderful work I would be doing on behalf of the Universe, and it didn’t happen immediately, right away, or in the way that I expected.

I had clients, some. But as anyone who has ever taken clients knows, you need A LOT of clients in order to keep yourself afloat.

Doing too many sessions for too little is a quick way to burn out, and charging more to cover your rest time, business expenses, and just to make ends meet hits a bit of a barrier on the client end.

In the spiritual, intuitive, card reading, healing, and psychic fields, the struggle to get business and clients is real.

There is no shame in it – because I have been there, and as your eyes read this blog – there are probably 10 other people reading it or who have just read it, who have been there and who are currently there.

But, when it’s just you, putting your heart and soul out there to the world, it can feel a bit like you’ve failed.

You haven’t.

Here’s why.

8 Reasons Why Having No Clients Doesn’t Make You a Failure

1. There’s a double standard

Last week, I paid $152 for a locksmith to come to my house and do less than 5 minutes of work to unlock the office door that I’d somehow locked without a key. It’s a skill that takes time and effort to learn, though it looks easy to me.

Most people will pay for skilled trades that they can see with their eyes, but because a vast majority of society is under the impression that “gifts from God” like intuitive ones are NOT skilled and just come out of the box like this, there’s less of a willingness to pay.

You and I know that it does not go down like that, and it’s our job to educate the masses to the contrary.

It’s a double standard, yes, and your coming up against it isn’t a failing on your behalf. Just like when Hillary Clinton is asked what she’s wearing to the debate – that doesn’t mean Hillary Clinton failed. It means we have more education to do on what goes into a session, an offering, a service, or a product. Even if it’s just a blog you write for your audience, or a video you film, giving a small window into the skill, training, and effort of something that looks easy, does wonders to clear up this double standard.

2. It takes time for the world to get wind of your magic

My sister uses this analogy all the time. You open a bakery business, start baking your cakes, set out your signs, display all the flavors you have – and then you wait. People don’t know there’s a cake bakery nearby right away. Even if you told them 6 different ways there’s a cake shop – did you know that most people don’t really listen or hear a message until, on average, 7 times?

Have you ever been so zoned into your own thing that someone sitting next to you, saying your name over and over, went unheard?

Imagine that, but for what you’re offering. You could be offering FREE 7 layer cakes with raspberry filling and $100 bills to the first 20 customers – BUT, it takes time for people to hear the message. To look up from what they’re doing and pay attention to anything else.

Repeat your message. Hold your sign in different places. Create different signs. Have other people hold the signs. Deliver the messages in different ways. You gotta keep shouting at people.

There’s a reason why Little Ceasar’s Pizza pays someone to stand on the street in a pizza suit – because it works! People may have forgotten about pizza or didn’t see it even though they pass it every day, BUT, get someone out there in a unique way, and the message is delivered and heard. BE UNIQUE and keep getting out there. 

3. Your message may be meant for a different audience

It could be that what you’re currently passionate about, is not the same thing your current audience is passionate about. What you’re offering may not be what your current audience is desiring. And that’s okay.

Think of yourself as a delivering a major presentation at a conference. You’re in one conference room delivering a speech to a certain group of people about your passion – let’s say it’s SNAILS. You’re at an insect conference.

It just so happens that you’re currently in front of an audience who came to hear you speak on praying mantises, because you used to be really into them. Except NOW YOU’RE INTO SNAILS.

Don’t fret, because that audience will realize you aren’t the praying mantis gal anymore and they’ll move on, and you’ll be pointed in the direction of the auditorium who is freaking in love with snails and thinks they are cool in every way.

Your message and services may be aligned with a different audience – who exists and is out there. I promise you, you aren’t the only one passionate about doing what you do or about learning about it. Keep advertising, promoting, and placing yourself as the new snail expert – and you’ll be connected with your people.

4. There are lessons being learned

Enough about snails, you are learning what works for you and what doesn’t, which is most certainly NOT a failing. You are learning what you like to do and don’t like to do. What you like to offer and don’t like to offer. What clients you like to work with and what clients you don’t like to work with. SO MANY LESSONS.

Learning what you don’t like and what feels so out of alignment is hurts are both very important parts of doing business, growing your business, and growing your brand.


5. Manifestation is happening more slowly than you’d like

In my From Broke to Baller Healing Program, where we work through healing your relationship with money and bringing more of it to you, I talk about the process of manifestation, and how there’s a bit of a lag time between what you are asking to manifest and it actually happening. There are times, when things we desire, are NOT in perfect alignment with what we really want.

Have you ever wanted clients so badly you manifested a nightmare situation? ME TOO.

SO, when there’s a lag time in manifestation, it’s actually a frustratingly beautiful thing that we need to try and be grateful for. It allows us to fully form a crystal clear idea of what we desire, and then, for that thing that we desire to come into being in the exact ideal of our desire.

It can be hard waiting, I know the feeling, but I promise you that waiting clears the way of some imperfect manifestations and opens up pathways for what you’re truly aligned with. The no-client lag isn’t a failing, but probably a blessing and the universe saving you from some venomous clients ready to unleash pure vitriol on you for existing. You’d rather eat bean and cheese burritos for a week in a row than deal with that, I know that for a fact. 

6. It’s a rite of passage

I hate to even say this is a thing, but it is. EVERYONE goes through this. But yet, there is such shame and secrecy surrounding the lack of business and clients. It cuts deep down to our core, childhood fear of not being liked. We don’t want to admit to anyone that it’s happening, because that might mean in some way that we’re not liked, uncool, or unpopular, and this hiding it further deepens the shame.

The experience of not having clients or business is UNIVERSAL. Big business, and small ones, entrepreneurs who have been in the game for a long time, and those who are just starting out.

The Universe itself is fluid, changing, and dynamic, which is great because this makes it so new ideas, people, and concepts can get their foot in the door . . . but it’s downside is that we must also be dynamic, fluid, and changing. Sometimes we’re on top of that ebb, sometimes we aren’t. Sometimes, as an act of nature, we’re in the current, and sometimes we aren’t in the current. It’s a fact of life and a fact of doing business. No one will talk about it – but it exists. The good news is that if you stay in the flow a little bit longer and don’t drop out, the current will pick you up again and you’ll be back in the game!

7. You are ahead of your time

Yes, I really mean this. Back in about 2012-2013, there was a major spiritual transition between an old way of being and a new way of being. Many NEW wave healers, mediums, intuitives, etc. were awakened or beginning their awakening process during this time, which explains the sudden BOOM in everything intuitive and spiritual.

Some souls who experienced this transition, transitioned more quickly than others. Meaning, that you really truly could be just a little bit ahead of the audience who needs you and who you’re aligned with helping and healing. SO, you’re not a failure at all and actually an overachiever at life. Bide your time, and they will come.

8. Demand is still catching up

If you’re a healer, this is even MORE true. While we know the need for our services, many people don’t. Even I, when I started this spiritual path, largely believed that energy healing was fluff, luxury, and not necessary or meaningful to life. Many people STILL feel this way and don’t realize the immense transformative power of healing gifts. You realize it, I realize it, but the general public has no idea. “Last resort, if western medicine doesn’t work, or if I get some extra money, then I’ll try it,” is the predominant way of thinking. Spiritual, healing, and intuitive services are often viewed as non-essential, even though they may be very essential. Our job is to educate. To SHARE your own story and the intimate details of HOW you have been saved, healed, and helped. Remember that spiritual awakening in 2012/2013? Yes? That’s still happening. You and others were first, and more are coming. Demand is coming and you are needed. The shift is happening now.


Putting your heart and soul on the line, opening up the doors to your heart through your services and offering, and having it fizzle out can feel like you’ve failed big time.

It can be a lonely place. I have been there, in the depths of it, and I am intimately aware of that feeling. SO aware of it and having come out the other side of it, that I developed the From Broke to Baller Healing Program specifically for overcoming the money issue that so many healers, intuitives, and heart-centered business owners experience.

You aren’t alone and you are not a failure.

Keep your head up, and keep going!



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