9 Ways to Welcome Fairies into your Life

9 ways to invite fairies into your life at www.sarahpetrunoshamanism.com

by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

Fairies are a welcoming and easy to please bunch. If you want fairies to join you in your home, your garden, or your life in general - all you really have to do is ask

The more you welcome joy into your own life, enriching it with love and happiness, the more aligned you become with those of the Fairy world. That which brings you joy, brings fairies joy. 

Need ideas for welcoming fairies, joy, and happiness into your life? These are my favorites. 

9 Ways to Welcome Fairies into your Life at www.sarahpetrunoshamanism.com

9 Ways to Welcome Fairies into your Life

1. Make a Welcome Sign

When you're ready to welcome Fairies into your life, all you have to do is roll out the welcome mat. Or in this case, a welcome sign. Any indicator that says, "Fairies are okay by me!" My favorite rendition of a welcome mat is pictured below, from CatchMyParty

[Source: CatchMyParty]



2. Create with Glitter 

Sparkle, glitter, joy. It makes you happy just looking at glitter. If you create something glittery with the intention of it welcoming in fairies, you'll be reminded of their presence every time you look at it. I love these mason jar votive holders by cakerypapery.

[Source: cakerypapery]



3. Reflections + Rainbows = Prisms! 

Hanging crystalline prisms are beautiful. No question about it. They bring you joy, they bring me joy, they bring fairies joy. 

[Source: A Storybook Life]


4. Bring Plants Inside

Fairies are Spirits of the Earth. They live in and among the plant kingdom. This is their home. By bringing plants into yours, you encourage your guests to feel at ease and comforted in your space. Any plant that you like is great, but if you're having trouble deciding, consider light and fluffy plants like ferns. 

 [Source: Better Homes and Gardens]



5. Decorate with Nature

As Spirits of the Earth, Fairies love seeing beauty in nature and natural elements. If you too can see beauty of nature in your home, you're an insta-friend of fairies. Try making garlands, wreaths, and decorative objects from earthen elements. We made an adaptation of this pinecone garland from the sweetest occasion for my daughter's 2nd birthday, and it's still hanging in our home! 

[Source: the sweetest occasion]



6. Get Magical - Make a Wand! 

No better way to invite fairies into your life than through embodying their Spirit. Through intentionally making the wand and whimsically using it, you will bring joy straight into your life and into your heart. In doing so, you welcome fairies to join you in the moment and in your life going forward. Try the project below by the Nuture Store for an earthy and inspired wand. 

[Source: Nurture Store]



7. Make Fairy Dust 

Seriously. Go do it now. How can you not? The recipe below is for fairy dust for the bath from the natural beauty workshop, but be inspired by any kind of fairy dust creation. My sister, Amanda, has even crushed soft minerals and crystals to create her own. Personally, I love baths, so this is the perfect DIY. 

[Source: the natural beauty workshop]




Am I too old for this? I hope not. Never too old for glitter. On your shoulders, in the summer. It could be skin nourishing AND pretty. 

[Source: SouleMama]


9. Make a Fairy Oases (Safe Places)

Even though in Spirit, it's uncomfortable to be in a place where people, pets, and objects may constantly be passing through your designated hanging out space. For that reason, try to set aside a place, or many places, in your home, office, garden, and space where fairies can go, hang out, and not be at risk of being hit with a dog's tail on a regular basis. Solution: TINY FAIRY CHAIRS! Put them in windowsills, and you're all set. 

[Source: One Inch World]



Try any or all of these projects for 9 easy and fun ways to welcome fairies into your life. Or allow yourself to be inspired to create your own fairy project. The more joy, the more intention, the more fun - the better. Enjoy! 


Meet your fairy guide in this awesome guided meditation! Click here to grab your copy and be on your way to meeting your fairy guide in no time!

LAST UPDATED: January 30, 2015

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