A Fairy or an Angel? Your How-To Guide to Sparkle

Nothing catches your eye quite like a flash of light, a hint of sparkle, or a glimmer in the distance.

Maybe it happened on your recent morning commute, and you saw an unexplained “sun flare” flash across the front of your car, but no one else in your party did.

Perhaps you were on a late afternoon walk in the park, when you noticed a glimmer of light out of the corner of your eye.

Or you may have been preparing dinner, when in your peripheral vision, you saw a flickering golden light on the wall, and upon further inspection, found no identifiable source.

We’ve all had at least one of these experiences, where our eyes are caught by a flicker of light, an unexplained prism on the wall, or a bright, bold flash across the morning sky.

Sure, our friends and relatives can explain it away as a solar flare, the reflection from their iPhone screen, or the sun hitting a supposed water source in the distance.

But we know it’s something more than that. Something a little more spiritual.

And it is. The only key, should you choose to dig deeper, is to identify the who or what that created that sparkle of light that hit your eyes.

In the world of Spirit, there are 2 main types of Spirits that choose to primarily appear as light, in some form or another, and these are:

Fairies and Angels

Your deceased loved ones can also appear as light if they so choose, but unless they told you or indicated in some way that they will appear as a form of light (a lover of electrical things while alive or your own inner knowing, are examples), deceased loved ones tend to shy away from this form of making their presence known.


Because two major Spirit groups essentially have this Spirit Sign on lock, and your deceased loved ones want to make extra sure that when they appear, you know for certain that it is them – that there is NO questioning, “Wait…was it…an Angel? or a Fairy? and not my Dad?”

No, that’s too big of a gamble. Your loved ones want you to know without a shadow of a doubt that they are visiting, and because light is the sign primarily used by Fairies and Angels, there’s too much of a gamble with these huge Spiritual competitors in the ring.

So now that you’ve narrowed down those flashes of light and peripheral sparkles to Fairies and Angels – where do you go from there? How can you know which light belongs to a fairy, and which to angel?

The way you tell if your Sparkle and Flash was a Fairy or an Angel, has to do with the major components of the light that you saw –

The Color

The Movement

The Size

The Length of Time

Let’s break it down.

Angel Flash vs. Fairy Sparkle: How Can you Tell?

Angel Flash vs. Fairy Sparkle: How Can you Tell?


A key distinction between fairies and angels is where they exist in the Spirit realms. Fairies are a type of Earth Spirit, they exist right alongside us, here on Earth, and in this way, they are tied more closely to elements of the Earth Plane. They have more grounded, Earthy energy. Angels exist in the Ethereal plane, at higher vibrational states, and are far closer to the Divine Energy above us than Fairies. They are classified often as being of pure light, who have never been human and are not closely tied to the Earthly plane .

These key features translate directly to the types of colors utilized by Fairies as compared to Angels.

As more Earthy, grounded beings, Light generated by Fairies appears as warmer, softer earth tones – golds, soft yellows, sage, moss, and forest greens, warm and soft pinks and oranges. More subdued colors, earth tones, and a cozier, softer feel.

As being of Pure Light in the Ethereal Realm, Angels generate much brighter colors, often blinding, in cooler tones, pastels, and bright whites, simply because more white light and higher vibrational energy rests behind the color, giving it the appearance of brightness, and often very close to white or of a whiter tinge, i.e. cool or pastel in nature.

Fairy Light is most often colorful, warm earth tones and Angel Light is brighter, whiter pastels and cool colors.


Light generated by Fairies is bouncier, has more of a flicker, and tends to move around a lot. A small ball of light that seems to be bouncing up and down, or a flicker on the wall that looks like the reflection of a flame, these bouncier, flickering movements are indicative of a Fairy.

Light generated by Angels tends to manifest as streaks of light across the sky, or stable, large balls of light that do not move or flicker. Their movement can be described as almost meteor-like flashes and huge stable, glowing balls of light.

Fairy Light is bouncier and jumpier, Angel Light is flash-y or stable.

Length of Time

Fairies have it easy – they are closer to the Earth, and they are also more persistent. This allows them to stay and manifest in the Earth Realm for a longer period of time if they want to. They tend to have considerable interactions in the human realm and often take the role of a Spirit Guide, and as such, they often do quite a bit of assisting in the human realm. When a fairy manifests as a flicker of light, it tends to stay around longer, most times long enough for you to look up and examine the Light.

Light generated by Angels tends to be shorter lived for a few reasons. For one, it’s a lot of energy in general to create a physical manifestation as a Spiritual Being, and when Angels manifest as light, they do so with huge amounts of energy as noted by their bright, almost blinding colors and their meteor like flashes of light. They also have mostly not been human before and have not lived in the physical realm, so controlling their actions in the physical sense for long periods of time is more difficult – they don’t know how to move around efficiently or smoothly in the physical world.

Fairy Light sticks around longer, Angel Light is more short-lived .


Fairies are smaller just by virtue of being a fairy, so the light they generate is smaller, often appearing as small balls of light or flickering hazy cloud of light.

Angels, especially Archangels, are gigantic spiritual beings of light, so when they manifest as light, the light is huge. HUGE balls of glowing light, and meteor-like flash across the sky. They can also manifest as light that is more the size of a person, but in terms of magnitude, Angels are much, much bigger than a fairy.

This is mostly a common sense question – when you see a light, ask yourself if the size alone is more a fairy size or an angel size.

Those are the 4 primary elements to consider when discerning who your light visitor is or was:

Color, Movement, Length of Time, and Size.

But, there’s also one other key piece to keep in mind: your own connection and interest in either Fairies or Angels. If you’ve always thought it would be cool if Fairies were real (they are), or if you’ve always had a connection with the Angelic Realm, these are also indicators of who may be visiting you. Because if they’re making their presence known to you, it is very likely not via an unwelcome invitation into your life – your Spirit indicated you would be open to hearing from either one of these guys, at the current time.

Now, the next time you see a ball of light, all you have to do is figure out who it is! So, the next time you see a flicker of light, a flash, or a sparkle in the distance, and you need to know who it is, consider the color, the size, the way it moved, and the length of time you were able to see it.

Happy Spirit ID’ing!

LAST UPDATED: March 3, 2015

Angel Flash vs. Fairy Sparkle: How Can you Tell?