A Shamanic Healing Ritual: How Long Does a Shamanic Healing Last? (From the Perspective of the Healer)

The Healing Ritual of a Shaman

In a healing session, the time spent with each individual client is only a small portion of what goes into carrying out a complete healing, from start to finish. With each session, I often spend an entire afternoon and evening, connecting directly and working with a client.

And with any performance to go off without a hitch, there are integral steps that precede the main event, and those which come afterwards. The main performance of your healing with a Shaman can last days or hours – before you even arrive for the session.

Actors may spend weeks rehearsing lines, in dress rehearsal, in hair and makeup, and then immediately before, many engage in a relaxation or meditation ritual to prepare for the main show. Afterwards, there’s the need to come out of wardrobe, remove makeup, and reflect on the day’s performances.

For each Shamanic Healing, there’s more to each performance than meets the eye.

Each individual session is like a brand new show, personally designed, tailored and aligned to your needs, all requiring rehearsal and preparation beforehand, and a post show deconstruction.

The healing procedures integral to Shamanism are often shrouded by mystique and mystery.

In my own effort to pull back the mystery of the veil and provide more clarity to each client in what I uniquely offer in my work with them, today I’m sharing with you my behind the scenes journey – as a peek into what goes into your full, healing session.

These are my pre- and post- healing rituals for each and every unique healing session.

Beyond a single sitting for the main healing, the opening night to a private show, this ritual and preparation is what I give to each and everyone one of my clients.

A Healing Ritual: How Long Does a Shamanic Healing Last (From the Perspective of the Healer) by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

A Shamana’s Healing Ritual

In the next several paragraphs, I’ll be sharing with you each phase of your healing, which starts well before we even connect in an afternoon healing session.

Stage 1. The Outline

The day a healing is requested or booked

Your Guides arrive just as I’m preparing for bed, and begin to give me a brief outline of what’s going on surrounding your healing needs. As I lay down for sleep and enter my own stages of relaxation, they begin to show me images clairvoyantly and tell me clairaudiently, what are the core issues that they are going to address for your healing. The debriefing begins on what I’ll need to do – and it’s entirely led by your Guides.

Stage 2. The Rough Draft

Three days before the healing

Your Guides arrive again, generally 2-3 days out from the healing and provide another outline, usually giving even more details than the last time. It’s as if they come with a recap, and then add another layer of complexity. They will usually continue to provide more images and information throughout the course of the 2-3 days before your scheduled healing time.

Stage 3. The Costume Dress Rehersal

The morning of the healing

If the last stage is the rough stage set up, I consider this stage the costume dress rehearsal.

After I wake up and eat breakfast – it’s time for me to connect with Spirit and join their final planning meeting. Spirit links your energy and my energy during this time, to create an energetic attunement and harmonic match, through which healing words and energy can optimally flow from me to you.

The healing officially begins on the day of your healing, often in the early morning hours.

Your Guides AND my Guides arrive, and start to lay out a game plan for the healing and a general outline for the order of events. The day of the healing, Spirit is ironing out last details of issues that they’re going to want to address and the strategy and outline for how they want it to be covered.

From Start to Finish, Spirit debriefs me on the general ins and outs of what’s going to occur and how we are going to work with you to heal you in wholeness, with even more detail than before. Things that were once vague, are becoming clearer. Each core issue that requires healing is unveiled.

With each full healing taking 3-4 hours, we spend the morning running through and running through again, a game plan.

This morning preparation session can last anywhere from 4-5 hours.

Stage 4. The Pre-Show Preparations

Forty-five minutes before the healing

After a break for lunch, about 30-45 minutes before your session, I focus my energy on becoming a clear Channel for Spirit and Healing Energy.

This is how I become a clear channel:

  • Ground
  • Clear and open my chakras
  • Cleanse my energy field
  • Invite in Divine Light and create a channel through which can flow from me to you
  • Release cords
  • Call back my energy

And finally, I formally invite Spirit to the session and begin to figure out who is who – identifying your guides present for the session

Stage 5. Doors Opening

Pre-healing consult

Once we connect and you arrive for your session, I spend about 30 minutes before the healing itself ever begins, explaining and demystifying as much as possible the entire process. This is to assist you in your comfort, understanding and to facilitate full integration of the healing process. We discuss the connection between energy, Spirit, and the physical world and what that means in terms of receiving a spiritual and energetic healing. I answer any and all questions, and make sure you are completely comfortable before we begin.

Stage 6. The Main Show

Duration of the healing journey

A full length, shamanic healing, generally lasts anywhere from 2-5 hours, with the average being about 3 hours.

During this time, I connect with Spirit and deliver to you the how, what, and why of each issue that arises – providing a complete explanation, with tools for you to manage anything that comes up after the healing is complete, on your own. There’s time for you to ask questions of Spirit, for clarity or more depth, if you have them. In conjunction with Spirit, we heal, energetically and/or spiritual, each issue that arises.

Each session is a teaching and a healing in one, as I share with you what is happening, why it’s happening, as it’s happening. During the healing, you are also learning about the healing process.

Stage 7. Closing Remarks

Post-healing consult

After each session, we spend together 15-30 minutes discussing and recapping the session. We tie up any loose ends, answer any questions that remain, and I provide a summary, with main points for steps you can take to best integrate the healing.

Stage 8. Stage Break Down

Evening of the healing

The evening of a healing session, on my end, is a time for decompression. On your end, it’s time to begin the integration process. If your session was recorded, I upload and prepare the link the for sending you the file. I reground my energy, release any cords that may have formed and call my energy back.

I spend the remainder of my evening allowing my energy state to return from the extremely high energetic state required to connect with Spirit, to my own state of energetic resonance, as a spiritual individual in a physical body. Each connection and link with Spirit brings your energy up to a high functioning state, as if your body is coursing with adrenaline, and the longer this state is prolonged, the longer it takes to return to zero.

Stage 9. Show Re-cap

Days Following

A Shamanic healing is ever unfolding and when you book a session with a Shaman the rituals, onion peels and exact recipe going into the healing method is unique. In a way, we all prepare and make our own healing stew – all to serve and assist you in returning back to your full, whole and restorative state. The process of integrating, understanding, and working through any issues that arose during your session can take weeks, months, or even years.

Even though your visit may seem like simply an afternoon filled with an evening of wonder and mystique, far more than a few hours goes into each and every session, and it’s all to provide you with the best and most healing experience possible.

All the love,

LAST UPDATED: September 20, 2014