A Shaman’s Favorite Oracle Decks

I’m a major proponent of the use of Oracle Cards and Tarot Decks for clear guidance and direct answers from Spirit.

Oracle cards come in handy when you’re in need of clear spiritual guidance for yourself, especially when the situation in which you inquire is high stakes, emotional, or intense in any way. Anytime you are enmeshed in a situation, pulling yourself out of it to connect with Spirit for guidance can be difficult. In these cases, your conscious and egoic mind has ideas and desires about what it wants to happen, about fears, about worries, about potential what ifs, all factors that get in a the way of a clear message from Spirit.

Oracle cards are a fantastic way to get clear, direct, and message filled guidance for yourself and for others.

They’re also great tools for validation for what you may already be feeling, very easy to use, and an excellent way to take your intuitive abilities for a spin.

You can ask a question, and get a hint, a clue, or a screaming clear answer on the direction to take.

Oracle decks make this super easy. Shuffle until your heart’s desire, and pull a single card, or three. I like single card readings and 3 card “past, present, future” readings. And with the advent of Tarot Deck Apps for tablets and smartphones, even the novice tarot reader can start using decks for readings, with little to no experience in divination.

In fact, even your Guides and Supporters on the Other Side LOVE communicating with you directly through decks and the associated electronic versions – the apps. There’s pictures for you to look at, which mimic the images they might show you through clairvoyance, and there’s detailed messages for you to interpret. They can get the message across through the images, and through the language written and provided by the author’s Guides. And as always, as Spirit uses and communicates through energy, the energy of the shuffle of the cards or the connections of the electronics, is easy for them (and you) to connect with.

Answers for you, clear guidance from them.

I’ve been using decks for personal use for a long time now, and still do, on a pretty regular basis. In the list below, you’ll find the names, links*, and descriptions of my favorite decks right now, in no particular order.

Sarah Petruno Shamana's favorite oracle card decks and apps

Sarah’s Favorite Oracle and Tarot Decks

1. Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards: Booklet and 44-Card Deck by Doreen Virtue

This was one of my first decks, and I still love it. I turn to these when I’m in need of an uplifting, loving, and hopeful message. The imagery is beautiful, the messages are supportive and positive, and each card contains an affirmation supportive of the message. There is more of an emphasis on God in the text here and there, and because I’m not particularly religious, I just replace instances of God with Spirit, Universe, or whatever. The cards tend to peel at the corners making them harder to shuffle, though the messages are so great it doesn’t bother me too much. This is a very uplifting and loving deck.

2. Shaman Wisdom Cards: 65-Card Deck by Leita Richesson

While technically a Tarot Deck, I didn’t know that when I received them as a gift, and I’ve been using them as more of an oracle deck, which tends to favor simplier deck spreads.  These cards are heavily plant, nature, animal, cardinal direction, and lunar cycle based, as you might expect from a traditional Shaman deck. I consider this deck to be deeply grounded, more logical, sensible, and directly to the point. No floaty loving messages here, this deck educates you on the purpose of the plant, animal, season, or lunar cycle that you choose, and then gives you the straight-forward meaning, with intermittent messages of support.  I turn to this deck when I’m looking for down to earth and grounded answers. 

3. Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook by Steven D. Farmer

Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides is a wonderful deck. The cards are hefty in weight and build, which means, no peeling of corners or tearing, and they are a breeze to shuffle. The best shuffling of any deck I own. Not only that, but the cards themselves look like they’re made of bamboo or plant material. These are Animal Spirits only, and my favorite part about this deck is the book. The messages accompanying each card are LONG and thorough, very detailed, and in depth. Highly Recommend. 

4. Gaian Tarot App based on the deck by Joanna Powell Colbert, $3.99 USD
 (iPhone & iPad and Android)

I LOVE Oracle and Tarot Card App. These things are the best. You take away most of the careful work of shuffling and drawing at the exact right time, risking getting nonsense cards if you aren’t paying attention, because your Guides can manipulate electronic algorithms to provide you with the cards delivering the messages you need to hear.

The Apps have several spread options, each with a certain purpose, and allow you to shuffle and cut the deck to your heart’s desire before you draw. It tells you placement meaning of each card, and as you flip, you see the imagery of each card in the spread, with a simple tap on the front of the card you want to examine, you can zoom in and flip to see the complete description from the book! I’m addicted. All the cards I’ve pulled have been spot on in accuracy. 

The first one I downloaded was the Gaian Tarot App. I was sitting in a coffee shop when three women sitting across from me pulled out a gorgeous deck and began to give themselves a reading. I watched while I worked, and eventually, became so covetous of the deck that I went over and asked them what it was. It was Gaian Tarot. Because I was soon to be moving, I didn’t want to order and pack another deck, so to my delight, I discovered there was an App. Happily ever after.

The images are large, detailed, and wonderful. The App gives both upright and reversed meaning. It’s a fast and new favorite of both my sister and I, and it only costs $3.99 in the App Store. Score!

If you prefer a hard copy, it also exists and is available here.

5. Druid Plant & Animal Oracle App based on decks by Philip Carr-Gomm, Stephanie Carr-Gomm and Bill Worthington, $4.99 USD
(iPhone & iPad and Android)

The Druid Plant & Animal Oracle App is fantastic for many reasons, but the main one, in my opinion, is that it combines two real life decks, one of which, the Plant Oracle, appears to be out of print. I love the illustrations on this one, and that the book provides you with ancient lore and meanings of each plant or animal with every card you pull. You get a message from Spirit AND a Spiritual history lesson. The messages in this one are similar to those in the Shaman Wisdom Cards, they can be little harsh and the language is mostly stripped of any sugar coating, but they are very detailed and use relatable language. As far as Apps, I use both this one and the Gaian Tarot equally.. They’re both available to me with a single touch, which means that most of the time, I ask one, then ask the other for validation.

A hard copy of the Druid Animal Oracle is available here, the Druid Plant Oracle looks like it’s out of print, but is also available on Amazon.

There you have it! My favorite decks at the moment. Oracle and Tarot decks are a great way to get Spiritual Guidance on the fly, quickly and clearly. Your Guides love using them, and you get tangible validation and affirmation of what you’ve already been feeling.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: March 25, 2014

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