A Spiritual Cause for Anxious Burping and Hiccuping

For years, through my late teens and most of my twenties, I was diagnosed, and struggled, with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, bipolar disorder and major depression.

There were many reasons and periods of flux that caused me to reach this place.

Our family moved a lot, which necessitated many abrupt transitions

I made a sudden transition to fully support myself with several jobs through a 4 year degree at a major university

My father was very ill, leading to his death, during my senior year of college

And I learned to navigate young adulthood without one of my biggest cheerleaders – my dad

Many shifts, many fears, many worries, many unknowns.

During all of this growing and shifting, I wasn’t sure if I was liked by anyone (even myself), what my job should be, what kind of skills I had for the workforce, if I was qualified to do anything, if I was smart enough to succeed without my father’s help, etcetera, etcetera.

And when my dad died, the anxiety worsened and became unmanageable by most medications we tried.

Soon, I noticed a weird new symptom when this anxiety spiked:

Bouts of uncontrollable burping and hiccuping. For hours, entire days even.

No doctor, therapist, or psychiatrist could identify the cause or provide a solution.

In fact, only one thing worked.

Meditation and breathing exercises released my anxiety.

And as a young, non-spiritualist adult who had little to no understanding of mediation or what I was even doing – mediation worked only sometimes, at best. Most times, it didn’t.

Years later, as I entered new phases of my life, learned about the energetic and spiritual world, and began to practice managing my own energy field – through daily grounding, aure and chakra cleansing, releasing of cords, and calling my energy back . . .something amazing happened.

The majority of my anxiety symptoms disappeared.

I know now that main cause of anxiety, is the presence of energy in our energy fields which is not our own – foreign energy.

Foreign energy can belong to a energetic being – who is either within a physical body or within a Spirit body, or it can be attached to things like thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Foreign energy, coming from Spirits, can impact your energy field.

As humans on this Earth – we have a physical body, a Spiritual Body, and an Energetic Body (learn more about this, here), and when we die, we lose only the physical body.

A Spirit still has their spiritual body and their energetic body. They’re still who they were on earth, only now, having shed their physical, dense, and land bound existence.

Without the density and heft of a physical body, the overall energetic existence of those in Spirit is lighter. It’s less heavy. It’s less dense, in fact, it’s more like a gas. And for a gas to be a gas, generally, its molecules move at a much faster rate than a solid. The energetic vibration is faster – it’s higher.

The energy of an individual who exists in Spirit is much higher than that of an individual who has a physical body, too. And when a Spirit enters our personal space, our energy field, we often notice their presence as a feeling of anxiety.

A feeling of heightened energy or of increased arousal – faster energy feels like anxiety and nervousness, because, well, when we are anxious or nervous, our own energetic state gets faster. Our blood starts moving faster through our veins and our heart works harder.

When we equate fast energy with anxiety or nervousness, regardless of the source, we leave out one major source of an increase of fast energy –

A Spirit, who is without a physical body.

Without a physical body, those in Spirit don’t have an airway or a voice box to use for communicating, either. But you do.

You have a voice box, and this is where the burping and hiccuping symptoms come in.

Plagued with anxious burping and  hiccuping? So was I. No doctor could find the solution. It was something else entirely - find out what was causing it. 

As I reflected on the time after my father’s passing, I recalled the hiccuping and burping that I was plagued with when I experienced ‘anxiety’.

Then I realized that my sister, Amanda, a professional medium, mentioned she also once experienced these symptoms. It also happened to my dad, an unknowingly powerful medium.

A Spirit who has shed their physical body, generally develops other ways they can communicate, such as through your own internal thoughts (clairaudience), through dreams, and through signs, but to someone new to Spirithood – these new communication techniques must be learned.

Some learn quickly, and some take longer to learn. It’s like picking up a new skill. Some people can learn to drive a stick shift vehicle perfectly in a single afternoon, while other people require weeks.

Learning to communicate as a Spirit takes time, and along the way, they might use their tried and true methods – they may attempt to use a voice box. They might go back to an automatic transmission, simply because that’s what they know best.

And for you, this means, that a Spirit attempting to communicate with you or deliver a message through you, might try to use those vocal chords and voice box.

Once that attempt is made, the high energy of a Spirit must connect with your naturally lower, physical human energy.

Cue the influx of fast moving energy – anxiety.

After that, in an attempt to speak and produce sound, using our airway and vocal chords, can and inadvertently does, cause a physical spasm from the energetic zap from a sudden, high energy input.

Cue burping and hiccuping.

That’s right – back in the days when this new symptom emerged, I had recently suffered the loss of a parent. One who was a medium in life, and it is very likely he was trying to communicate with his yet unknowing, medium daughter, and inadvertently caused an increase in anxiety and unpleasant symptoms.

Anxious burping and hiccuping, sometimes come to you courtesy of your (unknown) gift of spiritual communication.

How can you stop it?

You can set boundaries on who is and isn’t allowed in your space, Spiritually.

You can learn how to identify the presence of a Spirit and what that feels like for you.

You can learn to develop your clairaudience – your internal Spirit communicating skills

In all of these ways, you are developing your ability to discern, what is you and your energy, from what isn’t you.

With practice, you can become an expert discerner and easily release the anxiety-stimulating energy and stop the Spirit provoked burping and hiccuping, through telling the Spirit to leave, finding out what they want, or by clearing and releasing residual energy. The most important part is first knowing that the problem isn’t really you.

With love on your journey,

LAST UPDATED: September 23, 2014