Abandoned and Haunted Forever: How a Vacant Home can be Taken Over by Ghosts

I live in an area where many of the homes are abandoned or infrequently visited. It’s a vacation and retirement destination that fell victim to the housing boom and crash.

My family are among some of the only permanent residents in our entire neighborhood of hundreds of homes.

Many of the homes may as well have been abandoned, and others are visited only a few times a year.

They sit vacant the large majority of the time.

Many of these abandoned and mostly abandoned homes are also haunted, which means, they are occupied by Earthbound Spirits also known as Ghosts.

You could even say that the ghosts are more present in the homes than the living.

When homes, apartments, and physical structures sit largely vacant to human presence, something interesting can happen.

They can be, spiritually, reclaimed by the land and thus freely used by those in Spirit who occupy that area.

Vacation homes, foreclosures, and vacant and abandoned homes - does there come a time when a house can become haunted forever? 

The structure still stands, but on a spiritual level, it is no longer claimed by the physical world.

After all, it’s mostly unused by those in the physical world.

It’s important for us to remember that we do not own the land – ever. The land belongs to the Earth and ALL its inhabitants. Animals, plants, people, and spirits. Living and Dead. The land belongs to everyone.

When a structure is built for human occupation, usually, the land and the Earth will honor this request and allow humans to freely and peacefully occupy the space.

However, when a structure is seen as mostly or entirely abandoned, as in, living humans are largely no longer present in the space, the space can be reclaimed. When this happens, a more or less “free pass” is given to all those who wish to use the land.

You can think about this ecologically. If land is cleared to build a structure for human occupation, the space becomes claimed by living humans. But over time, if no one occupies that space, the land naturally begins to revert to its previous state. Animals enter and occupy the dwelling and colonizing plants begin to grow.

Those are the physical changes we may see.

But on a spiritual level, spirits of all kinds, including earthbound ghosts, can also re-enter the space and occupy it.

Once that happens, the only way to stop the process is to re-clear the area and clean out the space – and demonstrate and maintain a permanent human presence to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

If you only show up twice a year to mow the lawn and hustle out the animals (and ghosts), you can bet that, in the mean time, the plants will continue to grow and the animals will come back.

The spirits will too.

Abandoned and mostly abandoned homes can become inhabited by ghosts forever if they remain mostly vacant indefinitely.

The longer structures are left vacant, the more this process of reclaiming of the land by the Earth can become cemented and more difficult to reverse.

The longer an abandoned house is abandoned, or the greater proportion of days the structure is sitting empty compared to not, the more work it will be to clean out the inside, and outside, to make it habitable by humans again. This includes getting those in spirit to leave the space; it is more difficult to do the longer the space is seen as no longer belonging to the living humans. In some cases, depending on how long the space has been (mostly) vacant and the history of the structure, it can be next to impossible to reclaim it as your own.

And if you make attempts to do so, but you immediately leave again after your efforts, the moving in process by non-living human inhabitants starts again.

For any chance of success, the space has to be occupied by humans more often than it is not to demonstrate ownership.

If you own a vacation home or are considering buying or renting a mostly vacant or abandoned home, do consider the spirit inhabitants that are almost assuredly present in the space. It may take considerable work to get them to leave.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: June 24, 2015