Acne & Empaths: It’s More Than Just Bacteria

If you’ve struggled with acne, you know the drill.

Don’t touch your face – under any circumstances.

Don’t pick, don’t pop, don’t rub, don’t anything when it comes to hands around your face. It can be hard to avoid, especially when you’re stressed or bringing your hands to your face has been a lifelong habit.

This recommendation is nothing new.

Before even the discovery of the ravages that bacteria living on the hands can do to one’s health, women in the 1700s and 1800s were advised not to touch their face for another reason – poison.

Early “modern” makeup contained compounds and chemicals that were straight up poisonous if you got them in your mouth. Not the lower level toxins and poisons of today, but rather, things like arsenic and lead that would cause imminent death should you ingest them.

Touching the face was a no-no then because you’d get poison on your hands.

Nowadays, the medical community has made us well aware of the harms and dangers of bacteria that you get on your hands being transferred to your face and wreaking havoc on your skin. An unending cycle of bacteria on your hands creating acne on your face.

In a way, bacteria is like poison for the skin on your face.

But, if you’re an empath, healer, or energy sensitive of any kind – there’s another kind of poison for the skin on your face:

Energy Poison.

Empaths have more to deal with skin-wise than mere infections - find out what it is and gain yet another reason not to touch your face


Your hands are considered your strongest energy antenna. They extend out from your body and into your environment, and are usually the first place that you pick up that outside, foreign energy – energy from other people, including emotions.

If you already practice as a trained energy sensitive of some kind, you already know this – your hands will start throbbing, vibrating, or getting hot when they’re energy sensing.

Even if you aren’t, your hands are already doing the energy sensing work for you as your energy antenna.

You can kind of think of your hands in the same way, energetically, that you think of an insect’s antenna – as perceptual devices used to sense and perceive the environment.

Insects use their antennae to pick up on pheromones, pressure changes in the air indicative of weather, water sources, predators, sounds, and so much more.

You use your antennae, your hands, to pick up on energy.

You can sense, feel, and perceive the energy of others using your hands, even if you don’t know it. This includes all types of energy; emotions running the entire spectrum from low energy to high energy. From not so good feeling emotions to great ones. Your hands are picking up on energy all day long.

If you were out working in the garden all day or preparing a meal with raw materials, your hands would be physically dirty. You’d avoid touching your face until you washed them, for fear of transferring bacteria or dirty particles.

Energetically, your hands are out in the garden and working with raw materials all day too. They’re sensing the energy of your environment, emotions and all.

Your hands are energetically dirty. For all intents and purposes, your hands likely have energy poison on them – the less than fantastic energy that other people, places, and things in your environment carry with them.

The energy that your hands have been picking up all day usually doesn’t drop off of them without some intentional energy cleansing practice, such as shaking them off or visualizing them washed in divine light. So, if you touch your face before you “wash” your hands energetically, there’s likely to be energy transfer.

And because people and environmental conditions tend to include low (negative) energy, you risk transferring that energy to your face where it can interact with skin cells and cause damage.

Energy is energy. Even if it comes to you as emotional energy, it can easily interact with your physical systems to cause harm. The simplest example of this is emotional stress – even though it’s an emotion, it can cause loads of physical harm to your body.

Energy poison on your hands can transfer to poison to the skin on your face. Ac-ne.

Your hands are your energy satellites and antenna, picking up and sensing energy all day. If you don’t wash them off energetically, through grounding and clearing or some other mechanism, they can transfer the less than wonderful energy they carry to your body.

Empaths, healers, and clairsentients –  if you touch your face, this energy poison is very likely a source of your acne.

One more reason to stop touching your face.

And another reason to start a practice of grounding and clearing your energy.

With love,

Not sure how to ground and clear your energy? Start with the Aura Healing Meditation, which walks you through the process of both in about 20 minutes. 

LAST UPDATED: October 21, 2015