An Alternative Cause for Autism

Autism spectrum disorders are vast and diverse in their symptoms, how they impact the individual afflicted and their support systems, and how and when they present in life.

At the time of this writing, there is no cure for a single autism spectrum disorder. There are therapies and strategies of coping, but no cures. Not in the physical realm, and not in the spiritual realm either.

Autism has touched my family, and with a drastic increase in diagnosable cases over the years, it has likely touched your family as well.

Spiritually, the suspected cause of autism is not something to be healed or in need of healing.

It’s quite the opposite, really.

By and large, most autism disorders have something in common. There’s a loss or lack of the ability to function in our world – sensory processing issues and a lack or total loss of the ability to communicate or use human language effectively. There can be an inability to process human emotion and to know what to do with it, and a lack of an ability to cope with emotions as well. In many ways, autism spectrum disorders are functional disorders that impact the individual’s ability to function effectively in our world at this time. Language, development, communication, and processing human sensory inputs and emotions can all be issues in an individual with autism.

So, where am I going with this spiritually?

Here’s the thing. For the most part, this isn’t our first rodeo on Earth. This isn’t our first life. Believe it or not, reincarnation is real.

When we die, our Soul transcends, and we leave our physical bodies behind. Then, we go onto incarnate into another body and live another life. There are documented cases of this where children recount detailed past lives that can be validated by external sources.

We move from life to life, incarnation to incarnation, for one major reason: to learn and help others learn.

Our goal each lifetime is to learn lessons for our soul’s development and to help others learn lessons. (Learn more about that here.)

Within the vast system of the universe, living a human existence is not the only way to learn these lessons.

There are other solar systems, there are other creatures, there are spiritual beings.

Being human is just a small speck of what it means to exist.

When you are born into this life as a human, that does not mean that you have always been human.

It’s very possible you may have lived other, non-human lives – as an angel, as a being from another universe, as a plant, as a fairy, or as an animal, to name a few possibilities. 

Autism spectrum disorders have no cure - either physically or spiritual. Discover the alternative explanation that discusses why. 

Enter autism.

If you’ve lived many of your other lives in non-human existences, and suddenly, you’re born into a human body – then what?

You don’t know the language, the skills needed for earth, how to communicate, or how to process sensory inputs.

If you’ve only been an angel before this, or you’ve lived lives in other galaxies as a non-human individual, you don’t have those skills. The degree of your functioning is indicative of the degree of non-human lives you have lived. More human lives, generally means more functional ability.

And guess what?

Spiritually, when you are born into the human world having once (or many times) previously been an angel or another type of non-human being – this is actually pretty special.

You’re known as an Enlightened Earth Being.

That’s right.

It’s believed that individuals with autism are enlightened, highly evolved souls who have been born onto Earth at this time to increase our consciousness. To bring us joy and happiness. To teach us lessons that we may not otherwise have learned. To allow us to show and have more compassion and patience.

The increase in autism diagnoses over the years is no mistake. Sure, there exists better diagnostic criteria.

But, there’s also a universal effort underway to raise the consciousness of people on Earth.

The more Enlightened Earth Beings that exist, the more people can be enlightened.

If you have a child with autism, consider instead that they are an angel being born for the first time as a human. The skills humans have to operate daily aren’t just learned in one lifetime, they have accumulated through many cycles.

The point of existing at any time is to grow, learn, and become, in essence, a better individual.

And if you’ve ever loved someone with autism, isn’t that what happened?

You grew, you expanded, you learned to be more patient and more compassionate, and in essence, you became a better person.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: September 16, 2015