Animal Speak: How to Talk to Your Pets

My sister, Amanda, has a dog and her name is Arie.

She’s a 10 year old Lhasa Apso and she’s got a real personality.

Long before Amanda or I knew we were intuitive, we would unknowingly, nonverbally talk to Arie.

Just one look into her eyes, and you’d know she was dissatisfied with the dinner you placed in front of her, or irritated that you haven’t asked her if she wanted go to on a walk, or annoyed that you touched her while she was resting.

Arie’s sassy, sensitive, easily annoyed, protective, and enjoys ice cream.

We know her likes and dislikes, and ever since she was a young pup, we’ve been talking to her and coming up with scenarios and potential responses for what Arie would say back, if she could speak.

There’s just one thing though, we weren’t just imagining it.

If you have a pet you may have done the same thing. You’ve talked to them, then came up with and heard their response to your statement or question in your mind – you weren’t making it up.

This was their actual response.

If your pet has an entire human-like personality that you believe that you and your family have invented over the years, you didn’t.

This is their actual personality.

There’s no ‘how-to’ for talking to your pets.

You already are.

Your pets chose you as their parents for a reason. Before you even met, there existed a deep bond between the two of you.

When you met, there was already a connection.

You looked into their eyes and could feel their lovability. You could sense their sass. You could pick up on their inner goof.

And now, when you look into their eyes and you ‘come up’ with words and emotions to put to how they are currently feeling, what you’ve come up with, is the message they’ve sent you – often clairaudiently.

Through the connection you share together, your pet is able to communicate with you on a soul level.

From their soul, to your soul.

You are able to know what they are thinking, feeling, and wanting through the deep bond that you share.

If you want to know how to talk to your pets, there’s only one step:

Look into their eyes and ask.

That response, that you would normally ‘come up with’ in reply – that’s them talking. Sarcasm included.

Communicating in this way actually has a name, where you ask a question and receive an internal thought based response. It’s called (internal) Clairaudience, the ability to hear clearly.

When you connect with your pet, you are clearly hearing their emotions, thoughts, and feelings through internal clairaudience.

While it may feel like you are making it up because it originates within your mind, you aren’t. Pets don’t have voice boxes like humans so they must communicate with you at the level of their Spirit. Spirit to Spirit. Amigo to Amigo.

You already know how to talk to your pets. Chances are, you’ve been doing it for years.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: March 23, 2015