Anxiety in Enclosed Public Places – Why?

My family and I were at the local county fair when we stepped into the indoor vendor exhibit hall.

Our toddler, two and a half at the time, immediately announced, “No! Not like it! Out!”

Then, she grabbed my hand and quickly made her way to the exit.

Still itching to go inside, escape the sun, and see the indoor exhibits, we made another attempt with the craft hall not far away.

This time, she got 20 ft from the entrance  and fearfully said, “No, The Peoples!”

We didn’t go into any indoor spaces that day.

Our toddler is an empath, which means that she’s clairsentient, or sensitive to energy. She can easily sense and feel the energy of others, including their emotions. Just like her mommy.

She can also see those in Spirit, as can most children.

Inside the first building, I knew exactly what was going on. As a once anxiety sufferer myself, I knew that indoor public places can be intense and can trigger anxiety attacks.

The feeling of anxiety in indoor public spaces, like the ones at the fairground, is often caused by too much energy.

Got anxiety in public places? I did too - find out why. 

With loads of people all inside a single, enclosed place, there’s loads of energy.

Their physical processes alone release and transfer energy – breathing, moving, and talking all generate and release energy into the space.

Not only that, there are emotions, thoughts, and feelings that are being both outwardly and inwardly emoted through tense arguments, family drama, excitement, worry, and nervousness.

If you’re clairsentient, aka an empath, you can feel those emotions as energy in addition to feeling the energy from physical processes of all those people.

When indoors, there’s nowhere for this energy to go – it’s like a pressure cooker for energy.

It’s unbearable for someone who can feel it and creates the feelings that we know as anxiety.

A lot of combined energy in one place creates the heightened energetic state we feel with anxiety.

Lots of people and lots of energy, all in one place, creates the feelings of anxiety.

Throughout the day, as the space is filled and emptied with more and more people, the energy builds. This is why it can be worse in the evening.

In indoor spaces, the energy is rarely released unless done so intentionally through saging or other means. It just stays and continues to build as more people add to it.

Have you noticed that daytime events are often more bearable and less dreadful than those occurring at night?

Individuals who suffer from anxiety tend to prefer to stay in at night, and dread going to gatherings in the evening.

Built up energy throughout the day makes it more likely that a clairsentient, or empath, would feel the symptoms of anxiety.

But, there’s one other layer of complexity at play here. Especially in public places.

Remember the beginning of the story? In the second building, my toddler wouldn’t go in because of “The Peoples”? Yes?

“The Peoples” are what she calls dead people.

Even if you can’t see them, you can feel their energy too.

They tend to hang out in enclosed public spaces because they use the energy from residual activities and humans themselves to continue to exist.

In an enclosed public space, there’s both tons of free to use energy and tons of people.

Spirit presence can trigger anxiety attacks too.

When you experience anxiety in an enclosed public place, there are two things going on to cause those symptoms:

  1. The energy created by the moving, breathing, and emoting living people in the space

  2. The presence of the deceased individuals in the space

If you can feel one, you can likely feel the other. This is what it means to be clairsentient. You can feel energy, regardless of its source.

Find out more about it by reading this article.

With love

P.S. Do you have a child that can see spirits? Start here

LAST UPDATED: June 17, 2015