Are you a healer? Find out in a NEW distance session!

Are you a healer?

identify your healing gift ~ meet your healing guides ~ tap into your abilities now

sessions completed within 21 business days of purchase (excluding weekends and holidays)

On the path to discovering and unlocking your true self, comes a necessary unearthing of what you were put on this earth to do.

We all have a purpose with a Divine reason we’re here.

Being a healer is a purpose.

As a healer you open the doors to a deep and meaningful path with the power and grace to transform many lives.

You have found this page for a reason – and you are now called to uncover your healing gift.

Do you have any of these the signs of a healer?

  • a sensitivity to emotions and physical illness in others
  • a rocky, curvy path through life and relationships
  • struggles with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders
  • frequent mild to moderate physical illnesses, either past or current
  • a strong desire to help others
  • a heart driven sensitivity to those in need – animal, person or community
  • and others (list here)

Identify Your Healing Gifts

By identifying, validating and confirming your healing gifts, you can discover the next steps on your path to fully realizing your healing ability and finding success and abundance using it.

What are the next steps? Where do you turn? What are your gifts, specifically?

Being a healer is so much more than shamanism – and the paths, schools of training, and healing modalities are many.

Are You a Healer?

Find out in a distance email Are You a Healer Session, where Sarah can connect with your Spiritual Team to give you direction on your gifts, the most aligned path for your development now and more!

You will receive:

  • Confirmation of your healing gifts

  • Identification of your specific healing ability and how it may already be manifesting in your life

  • Description of the healing modality(ies) at which you are naturally gifted

  • Identification of at least one of your Healing Guides in Spirit, stepping forward to assist in your development now

  • Identification of your strongest psychic and intuitive abilities

  • Tips, instruction, or guidance from your Spiritual Team on how you can best start using and advancing your gifts

Receive confirmation of your gifts, direction on your path, and guidance from your Spiritual Guides in this all inclusive email session.

By unlocking, uncovering, and beginning to work with your gifts, your own life gains deeper meaning. Heal your own illnesses, release anxieties and worries, feel more at peace with your life, and help those in need – these benefits and more are available to you when you awaken as a healer.

Finally find out –

Are you a healer?

The Are You a Healer Distance Session is available to you for just $68

***No Longer Available***

***No Longer Available***

This session is an email reading with Sarah Petruno.

Sarah will connect with your Spiritual Team at a distance and you will receive all information received in the session in downloadable PDF format at the completion of your session via email. The beauty of this session is that you do not have to be physically present to receive confirmation that you are a healer from your Spiritual Team. All Sarah needs to connect with your Spirit Team is your First and Last Name – and when Sarah tunes for your session in a meditative (journey) state, at least one of your Guides or Angels is there to speak on your behalf. Each session is completed at a distance (via email) with no appointment necessary.

At the completion of your distance session you will receive an email with your PDF reading to the email provided upon check-out, with all of the above information.

Your session will be completed within 21 business days of purchase (excluding weekends and holidays).

If you received a payment confirmation via email, your session is confirmed – don’t worry! As sessions are completed at a distance, you will not receive a separate scheduling or confirmation email – but rest assured, your session is being worked on and will be completed as soon as possible. Your payment receipt is confirmation your distance session will be delivered to you. As soon as Sarah completes your session, you will receive your PDF file via email, sent to the email address attached the payment. For questions, contact

*In the possible, yet rare, event that healing is not your strongest ability, Sarah will identify your Spiritual/psychic gifts and receive guidance from your Spirit Team on how to best advance those equally as valuable and life transformative abilities.

identify your healing gift ~ meet your healing guides ~ tap into your abilities now

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