At Home Energy Healing for Children: Getting Your Child to Sleep in 3 Easy Steps

Use energy healing to get your child to sleep, no special training required. 

You might be surprised to learn that even though I’m a healer by profession, I’m not always walking around healing things.

There are large portions of the day or week when I am more or less, off duty. Sure, my energy and Spirit sensing abilities are always on to some degree, but for the most part, I try to lead a normal life where I’m not always operating in full power healing mode. It would be way too exhausting to be always “on.”

Just like it would be way too exhausting for you to be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sometimes, we all just want to sit down to dinner and focus on ourselves or our families.

I reserve those moments, in which I am fully functional as a healer, for sessions or other moments where I need to access and utilize Divine Energy and Information, which is generally, you know, not when I’m trying to get my toddler to sleep.

Struggling with sleep at home? Learn this easy technique to get your little one to sleep in no time!

I have young daughter, a toddler, and like a regular parent, each night, I’m just trying to get my child to sleep as quickly and as painlessly as possible. For everyone. For me, for her.

For the greater good. Just trying to get a child to go to sleep, and the faster this happens, the better.

And when it comes to getting a child to sleep, you know just as I do, that you’ll try just about anything to get this to happen. It becomes a life or death situation sometimes, in terms of sanity and simply holding it together before everyone starts crying.

As a healer, I knew that I had an extra tool in my toolkit of potential things to try to get a baby to sleep. And I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t tried to “heal” her before. Of course I have!

Generally, this has involved sickness and toothaches, with varying amounts of success. Kids are enigmas, especially non-verbal ones, it’s hard to tell sometimes what’s effective and what isn’t.

Except when your child has fallen asleep as the result of something you did. A sleeping child is a tell-tale sign of effectiveness in whatever the method you chose to get them to sleep.

Wearing them down during the day, lots of time in the sun, relaxing essential oils, baths, stories, warm milk – all methods that generally make children sleepy.

But what do you do, if you’ve tried all of these things, and your child is still wide awake 2 hours past bed time, kicking you, blabbing in your ear, and refusing to sleep?

You still have one last thing you can try, at least from the perspective of an energy healer. You can try basic energetic healing techniques – ones that are available to you 100%, right now. You can even try it tonight. And I recommend that you do.

The method I have used, stemmed from an on a whim, last ditch attempt to get my daughter to sleep. And it’s worked. More times than once. It’s also a method that I routinely use for myself and for clients.

Why haven’t I tried this every night? Well, simple. Sometimes I’m just trying to get her to sleep and I’m not thinking of ingenious, intuitive ways to get her to sleep. I forget I can do that. I don’t realize it’s an option, who knows why. I’m just a parent trying to survive bedtime.

This healing technique has worked so well, and so quickly, that I think we’re going to incorporate it into our nightly “routine.” Right after refusing to brush teeth and choosing the loudest, most interactive, bedtime book to read.

It’s a basic grounding and clearing meditation. If you’re follower of this blog, other intuitive blogs, or just generally knowledgeable in meditation and visualization technique, chances are you’ve done the same thing for yourself. If you haven’t, that’s fine too. We’re going to apply a technique that you usually do for yourself, to your child.

In fact, we’re going to have you and your child do this technique TOGETHER.

No, you don’t have to get an infant to visualize, you’re going to walk through the technique for them as you walk through it for yourself. Visualize for yourself, then visualize for them.

The reason you do it together, and not just for your child?

  1.  It’s relaxing for you, too, and that the end of the day, you could also use a grounding and clearing of energy. Everyone could.
  2. Alignment of energy. For maximum effectiveness, it helps if your energy is also calm, and grounded, while you do this for your child. Just like any healer or intuitive generally grounds and releases energy before working with you, in order to best align their energy with yours for maximum healing.

Let’s get started.

3 Easy Energy Healing Steps to Get your Child to Sleep

Step 1. Grounding Cord

With your child in your arms, or while they are in the other room screaming/playing/reading, you are going to visualize a grounding cord, one that connects you from your sacrum, all the way down to the center of the Earth. First, you will be ground yourself, then you will repeat the same process for your child, visualizing a cord from their sacrum connecting down to the center of the Earth.

The Cord

At Home Energy Healing for Children: Getting Your Child to Sleep in 3 Easy Steps by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

For me, this cord generally looks like a bright, glowing white-blue rope or tether, that is free flowing in movement, not stiff, and connects at the base of my sacrum, all the way down to the center of the Earth. Think of a ship’s anchor in terms of pliability and connectedness. Imagine this cord traveling through dirt, through bedrock, through magma, and all the way down until you reach the very center of the Earth. Within the Center of the Earth, imagine a huge, glowing, bright white ball of light. This is what I refer to as Source Earth Energy. It’s purifying, cleansing, and grounding. Being grounded is being calm, being brought back to Earth after a hectic day.

Upon reaching the center, imagine your cord wrapping around this ball of light a few times, then, energized with pure Source Energy, the cord travels back up to your sacrum.

Done. You are Grounded. Now, imagine a similar cord, traveling in a similar fashion, from your Child, to the center of the Earth.

It’s that easy. Imagine it, visualize it, walk through this exercise, and you and your child are grounded.

Step 2. Clear Foreign Energy

Now, over the course of the day, just by being humans interacting in the world, you have collected, touched upon, or absorbed energy in various forms that does not necessarily belong to you. We will call this foreign energy. It’s not good or bad, it’s just not yours. These can be thoughts, emotions, situations, or interactions with others, for example, that continue to exist in your mind, in your energetic space, at the end of the day. This foreign energy can affect us in many different ways, though one of the primary ways, is that it can give us a difficult time when we try to fall asleep. It can make us worry, feel anxious, or in general, just worked up, and we need to clear it from our space for best possible chances at relaxation. Your child is no different here.

Step 2A. Attract Foreign Energy to Source Energy Like a Magnet.

With the grounding cord sitting at the base of your sacrum, we are now going to imagine, or visualize, that cord coming up through the sacrum, and traveling from your seat, to the top of your head, the crown, in a more or less straight line from bottom to top. Through this grounding cord runs Source Energy. This energy is purifying and cleansing. In order for it to purifying and cleanse our energy internally, we must “run” it through our body. To do this, simply imagine that bright white, energy pulsing cord, traveling up from your sacrum, to your pelvis, to your stomach, through your chest, to your throat, up to your forehead, and finally, up and out the top of your head, with Source Energy spilling over the top of your head, like a white light fountain of water.

Now, imagine that water fountain of energy looping back down.

Starting at the top of your head, imagine that energy flowing down. Down, down down. Back to your sacrum, back down the grounding cord, and back to the center of the Earth. As it travels down, I want you to imagine that the energy cord flowing down acts as a magnet. Foreign energy is pulled out of your internal “pores” as little pieces of iron attracted to the magnet. As the energy flows down, imagine the magnet attracting all the pieces of foreign energy to it, sucking pieces and chunks of iron out of your body, and as it leaves your body, all those magnetized pieces of foreign energy do, too.

Repeat this Energy Magnet exercise for your child, imagining their grounding cord acting as a magnet of foreign energy, and removing all foreign energy from their little body.

Step 2B. Golden Rainshower.

In Step 2A, we took care of internal foreign energy, now we’re going to take care of external foreign energy. The foreign energy that attaches to your and your child’s auras. This part can be done together, at the same time.

I want you to imagine you and your child hugging, sitting together. Perhaps you already are. Above you, appears a large, golden rain cloud. As you and your child sit together, visualize that you are both covered in a light dusting of dirt or mud. This is a representation of foreign energy. As rain starts to fall, notice that where your skin was once covered in dust or mud, you are now being rinsed clean. Imagine that as the golden rain falls, you and your child are completely rinsed clean of all dirt, dust, and mud. And now, you sit in pure energetic state, as a warm, Divine Light, rainshower falls over you. Continue this visualization until you have imagined that all mud is rinsed clean from both of your bodies.

Step 3. Warm, cozy light.

This is the last step, and can again, be performed for you and your child together. Now grounded, foreign energy removed, the last step, is like the icing on the cake. If all goes well, your child may already be feeling calmer, more relaxed, sleepier. Now, we’re going to take to the next level and hopefully send your child straight to dreamland.

At Home Energy Healing for Children: Getting Your Child to Sleep in 3 Easy Steps by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

Still imagining you and your child hugging, if you aren’t already, now imagine or visualize, the bright sky and sun above you. Down from the sky, like rays from the sun, flows light pink, warm, bright light, light which lands directly on you and your child. The two of you, are now basking in the warm, cozy Light of the Divine. Continue to imagine that Light to pour down upon you, as if you were sitting on a beach chair, basking in the sun on a cool morning. Imagine the pink, warm light, encircling you and your child, swirling around you, with the Light flowing and swirling as if you were Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother were casting her spell upon you.

Continue to imagine this light swirling around you, wrapping your child especially, in its warm, cozy, pink embrace.

And that’s it. I like to continue Step 3 until my daughter is fast asleep, to be on the safe side. With practice, this 3 step process can be performed in 10 minutes or less.

If it doesn’t work perfectly for you the first time, I encourage you to keep trying, giving yourself 4-5 times before moving on to something else. You can even come back to it at a later age, if you find yourself struggling with this at one age, it’s possible you find that this works better for your child at a different stage in development. It can take practice. And the more you practice on yourself alone, the faster and more efficient you will be at doing this in conjunction with your child.

Sending you positive, sleeping baby energy,

LAST UPDATED: June 16, 2014