August 2016 Spiritual Forecast

Sarah Petruno
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August is a month of energetic, emotional, and spiritual turnover.

This month, expect to be collecting, hoarding, gathering and preparing to start in a new direction come September.

You’ll be putting plans and systems in place now that will help support you to carry you through this next upcoming stage in your life. Crossing i’s and dotting t’s. Tying up loose ends. Wrapping things in a bow and storing them away.

You are closing chapters this month.

CHANGE IS COMING and that August is the month where you hunker down in your creative space, get to know your soul, and get to work to prepare for that change.

Clearing your energy systems, learning new things, finishing older projects, discovering new patterns and systems for your life that WORK and will help you in the future.

You’re putting the old away and getting started on the new.

What projects can you finish this month?

What classes can you take?

In what ways can you open and clear your energy to plan for new things coming to you?

What chapters would you like to close, and which ones can you see yourself writing?

August is the month of squirreling away, planning, and setting the stage for NEW in September. 


Sarah and The Guides


This month, in The Shaman Life, we’re working on Connecting with Our Soul Selves with the intention of clearing space and making ourselves aware of who we are and what our soul desires, by starting within. I invite you to join us! Learn more here.