What is an Aura? The Human Energy Field Defined

Our aura is our energetic field, often called the luminous or subtle body.

An energetic field surrounds every being in both the physical and spiritual planes.

If it exists, seen or unseen, it has energy. And if it has energy, it has an energetic field.

You probably know this from taking physics or chemistry in high school – even the chair where you sit is made up of energy – moving and vibrating energetic parts, regardless of if we can see it happening or not.

In humans, our aura exists as what looks like a giant, egg shaped oval, enveloping our entire physical body. It extends out in front of us, behind us, above us, and below us, also passing through our body.

Your aura is the exterior of your energetic body, while the interior, is your chakra system. Together, these two parts function to create the entirety of your energetic being.

Your aura contains energy from both your emotional, spiritual body and your physical body.

It’s the energy of you.

It contains all of your thoughts, your emotions, and your feelings, at any given time, stored as different kinds of energy. It contains your life history, past, present, and future. It holds onto the inherent information that includes everything that makes you, you.

Your aura also serves your energetic buffer layer between you and the world around you.

Your Aura as Your Buffer

As you walk around this world, and you interact with the world around you, you are also interacting with the auras of others – you are interacting with their energy.  As your aura crosses the aura of another, you are given a brief glimpse into the experiences of another.

Have you ever stood in line behind someone in a store, and felt their anger or sadness, without ever speaking? You were picking up on the information stored in their aura.

Have you walked into a room, and felt the emotion in room, before you even spoke to anyone? You were acknowledging the energy stored in the auras of the individuals in that room.

Every time you interact with another individual, you are likely interacting with their aura, because you’re interacting with their energy.  

If you are particularly empathetic, and can always feel the emotions of others, this means that you are more adept at reading auras – at sensing the energy that exists in the aura of another. (This is called clairsentience; it’s a psychic ability).

Just by existing, you can pick up energy from other people’s auras. It can stick to your aura and affect how you feel, physically and emotionally.

As you travel through this world interacting with aura, after aura, after aura – the interactions with these auras are not necessarily complete once you move along on your path.

As your aura brushes against the aura of another person, pieces of their aura sticks to yours, and yours to theirs.

Sometimes these are minor transfers of energy and other times, much, much larger.

Most of time, this is completely unintentional.

Imagine accidentally brushing up against a dusty surface, such as a table.

You come away from that interaction with dust stuck to your clothes, and the table or shelf you touched is missing some dust. There was an inadvertent transfer, and in this case, you can see that you are now dirty.

If you were to brush up against “dirty” or other energy and get some of that foreign energy on yourself, your aura would then have energetic dirt on it, as it were.

This energetic dirt often takes the form of emotional energy – and when you get enough of on your energy field, you can feel it.

When enough energy from other people’s auras gets onto your aura, this can have an effect on you.  

This energy transfer is often the cause of mood disorders and mood instability.

As a buffer, you aura can protect you from this, but only for so long.

The Importance of Keeping Your Energetic Field Clear

Your aura contains the energy of who you are. When your energy field is clear, pure, and free of other energy – this means that you too, are free from influence and that you can operate as your true self with complete clarity and freedom from outside affect.

Your aura, your energy field, it acts as a buffer between you and outside emotion. It prevents energy from others from getting too close to your core being, to your vital energy centers, your chakras – much like your skin protects germs from getting to your organs.

But if the skin, your energy field, isn’t regularly cleansed, it can become susceptible to infection and its ability to protect you is weakened.

The same is true for the aura.

If the aura isn’t regularly cleansed and rinsed of outside energy, it loses its integrity and its ability to serve you well decreases.

When the aura isn’t cleared and kept free of all “not you” energy, the result can be disastrous.

This is where empathy goes wrong, mood disorders appear, and people lose control of their emotional stability.

You can lose track and lose sight of who you are, what your purpose is, and what you’re meant to be doing with your life.

You can develop systemic illnesses, allergies, and chronic diseases.

Your aura is your energetic skin. It’s just as important to maintain good energy hygiene as it is to maintain good physical hygiene.

Ready to start?

Begin by developing a bi-weekly practice of clearing the energy in your aura. This can be as easy as visualizing water rinsing the energy off your body as you shower.

Want more help? This guided meditation will teach you how to thoroughly cleanse and heal your aura.

LAST UPDATED: March 3, 2016