Life Cycles: Why Family Births and Deaths Happen on the Same Day

Within families, an interesting phenomena tends to arise.

Loved ones dying or being born, year after year, on the same day or within the same time frame.

A death on October 22nd, and then another one, on the same day, several years later. And then a birth, a mere 2 weeks later on another year. And so on.

Birthdays chunked together and deaths, too.

Why does this happen? Why is it that familial births and deaths seem to occur during the same time frame?

It has to do with life cycles.

You have what is called a soul group. This is a group of individuals that you are connected to on a Soul level, in this life, and in previous and future lives. You are intricately linked to these individuals and together, your soul group, learns lessons and helps each other grow.

You can think of your soul group kind of like a relay race team. Helping each other pass the baton from one leg to the next to finish the race.

In track and field, when your relay race team enters into a race, there are different start time slots. Not everyone starts the race at the same time, because there simply isn’t enough room on the track for this. So, each team gets a set start time.

Your relay team, your soul group, has a start time. And because there’s a start time, there’s also a loosely structured finish time. A time when your relay team gets on and off the track.

The point at which a relay team gets on and off the track is the same, too. The end of the race, in many cases, is at the same place as the beginning of the race.

Your soul group enters and exits the world in this way.

It’s called a window of life and a death, or an opening in the veil, that exists just for your soul group.

Births and deaths, times when your soul group enters and exits the track, tend to happen around the same time frames, sometimes even on the same day.

Do deaths in your family seem to occur on the same day or around the same time, year after year? Births too? There's a reason for this that doesn't have to do with curses or omens. 

Imagine that the members of your soul group, your family, friends, and even your pets, are all running a leg of the relay race. It’s different than your leg, but it’s still a leg of the same race. The time at which they start and stop the race may be different from yours, but, if you think about it like a track, it can be the same starting and stopping place as someone else. They can hand off the baton and leave the race just as someone else enters it. And later on in the race, another person can leave the race at the exact same point the previous individual did.

It’s cyclical.

The track to your soul group has roughly the same starting and stopping point where members of your team tend to enter and exit around that point. It’s the natural place to start and stop a race. And spiritually, it’s a place where the veil between the Spiritual and Physical is easily opened and accessible for those in your group. It’s a point of easy and seamless entry and exit.

Births and Deaths happen at around the same time, year after year, because this is a time in your soul group that the race starts and stops. That members of your relay team are entering and exiting the track.

If deaths are occurring in your family in the same series of days each year or within the same year, rather than it being a curse or an omen, it’s likely that this is just the time that your soul group’s cycle tends to start and stop.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: April 21, 2015