Broken Hearts – What is the Source of the Pain?

Central to the human experience is the throbbing pain of a broken heart.

When we suffer the pain induced from nearly any loss, the loss of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, or the ending of an era of our lives, we can feel the throbbing of our own heart. A broken heart is more than just a figure of speech.

On an energetic level there is a void in our lives when we’ve ended a relationship or lost a loved one. An actual hole exists energetically. When looked at energetically, an hole does exist and can be seen, almost always, centered in the heart chakra.

Broken Hearts - What is the Source of the Pain? 

This hole is the source of the pain experienced with a broken heart.

With a loss of a piece of our lives to which we are so closely connected, ripped, from our energetic, center is a cord.

Energetic cords connect us to many things including people, places, events, situations, emotions and time periods. They are, in essence, our ties to the people, places, and events in our lives. Again, another figure of speech, that is real in the energetic sciences.

Now, an energetic cord that connected us to our loved ones, to a boyfriend or partner, or even, to an area of our lives that we have since left has been pulled out, ripped from your heart and otherwise, released from your life. Whether initiated by you or initiated by an outside force or party, the effect, is still the same. This is why, even if you walk away from someone or something, it still feels like a loss. It still may feel like, this person or thing, has left you.

When this loss occurs, the energetic connection between ourselves, and the lost person or piece of our life, is essentially yanked from our chests.

What is left behind, then? A raw, open hole in our heart chakras.

Why the Heart Chakra?

This is the energetic center connected most closely to our feelings of love, connectedness, and compassion for others. Our love for other persons or other parts of our lives, resides primarily in the heart chakra. When this piece of our life is separated from us, with it, generally goes the cord of connection between you and the other person, which was originally created in the spirit of Love.

Any connection that was created through feelings, emotions and energetic bonds of love, compassion and true and genuine care, is located here. In your life now, you may even have other people, pets or works of art that are efforts and connections in love. Their cords to you are also located here.

The release of a cord from your heart does not necessarily mean that you are no longer connected to the reason or person associated with these painful heart feelings. Conversely, it means that your primary connections in the physical realm have changed or are no longer.

When your loved one crosses to Spirit, you better believe you’re still connected. Only the connection has now changed to one not within the physical realm. Think of this as a stretch in the cords, pulling on your heart as the connection expands.

These are physical world ties of connection, cords, connecting you and the lost individual or life piece. When your relationship with the other exists primarily here on Earth and the shift has happened primarily here, such as in a breakup or a divorce, these ties primarily lie in the physical world. You are much more able to feel physical world manifestations of the sudden removal of the energetic ties.

Once this cord is removed, accompanying the loss, it leaves a hole in your heart chakra where it was connected. The deeper the roots, the stronger the ties, the bigger the hole. The more intense the physical world pain accompanied with a broken heart. This pain, and the strength of it, is an indicator of the strength of the connection and meaning in your life this person or part of your life held. The bigger the hold, the deeper the wound, and the more compassion you must give yourself as you heal and begin to repair the hole left here.

Healing the hole in the heart chakra takes a different course for everyone – both in method of healing and time to heal, just as each individual’s rate of healing a physical wound differs. However, one thing is for certain. The deeper the hole, the greater capacity for healing, change and transformation exists for you now. The more your life, going forward, is changed, for the better.

With every wound to heal, arrives new flesh. A new you, arrives as you heal. A stronger you.

With love and healing energy,

LAST UPDATED: July 12, 2014

Broken Hearts - What is the Source of the Pain?