Can Empathy Make You Sick?

When I was in college, I was always sick.

I had a year-round cold and I practically never left the campus health office. I’d been tested for mold allergy, pollen allergy, rodent allergy (I worked in a lab), and I was even tested for tuberculosis on more than one occasion.

Every single state of the art cold and sinus medication, even those with high premiums, did. not. work.

I was a medical mystery and not a single doctor could diagnose or treat my forever-illness. So, I stayed sick. Sniffling, coughing, and inhaling cough drops year round. Summer, fall, winter, and spring.

I also suffered from several diagnoses mental illnesses for which I was receiving medical treatment, that also didn’t work.

I was an extreme empath with out of control abilities, and they were making me sick.

Empathy was destroying my quality of life and I didn’t even know it.

Empathy can make you very, very sick.

When you are an empath, you have a psychic ability called clairsentience. This is the ability to feel energy that others can’t always feel. For empathy, this typically means you can feel the emotional energy of others.

But it’s more than just feeling the energy, if you’re an empath with unmanaged abilities, you likely absorb this energy too. You’re like an emotional energy sponge, sucking up and holding onto any emotional energy that you encounter.

Your friends, your family, your classmates, your coworkers, the shoppers of Target, and even the participants of any group or forum to which you belong.

You can see, feel, and absorb the energy from just about anyone, anywhere.

This can cause emotional distress and mental illness. It can also cause serious physical illness.

Because you are entirely made of energy – from your blood and bones, to your emotions, neurons, and thoughts, you can be affected easily by energy. Even your physical body, on a core level, is made of energetic particles. And remember, energy can never be destroyed, only transferred.

This means, of course, that once emotional energy from other people is transferred to you, it doesn’t disappear. It gets transferred. And what happens to the energy once it reaches you and absorbs into your energetic field depends on many factors, such as the type of energy, your own energetic state, and your own degree of energetic saturation that day.

Emotional energy transferred to you can show up as emotional changes, like an anxiety attack or a depressive event, or it can show up as physical illness.

Physical illness tends to be the more common result if you have a build up of tons and tons of emotional energy from others within your system.

When you’ve lived your entire life as an empath, you’ve absorbed an untold amount of emotional energy and otherwise from those around you. You’re a full sponge of energy. You likely have challenges managing your emotional and physical wellness – because the energy has permeated to and through all of your systems.

Empathy can make you sick if you don’t have the tools to manage it. But don’t worry, the tools are widely available. Start here to get the tools you need in a book, or try an Energetic Field Aura Healing Meditation to start today.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: January 13, 2015

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