Can Spirit Guides Shapeshift?

When I first starting developing my abilities, I knew that if I was going to be working with Spirit, one of the first things I needed to do was start meeting my Guides. Particularly, my Protector Guide to help me enforce boundaries.

At the time, I knew I had a few Guides. A Tree Spirit,  a Fairy kept showing up, and I knew about a fox guide, too.

But, I was certain I needed a new guide specifically to assist with protection. So, I walked to the park where I had been doing my meditations, with my notebook, and I sat down with my back against the Ash Tree, with the intention to meet my Protector Guide.

And I did! Woohoo! Success!

The Guide I met, Steve, looked like a cross between a bouncer, and an ATT sales rep, wearing a black  polo shirt and light, almost white, khaki pants, and a buzz cut.

THIS was a Protector Guide. No doubt about it. Meditation – success.

I set my boundaries by writing them in my notebook, and asked Steve to help me with enforcing them. I closed my book and walked home, feeling great.

Weeks later, in other meditations, I learned that Steve wasn’t my Protector Guide at all. He was a shell for my real Protector Guide – the Fairy.

During the meditation, my fair guide presented as this bouncer-Steve person, because that’s who, at the time, I would have most believed as my Protector Guide. And he’s right – at that stage in my development I was still heavily involved in academia and science and was just barely getting my feet wet with the spiritual. At the time, I would not have believed a Fairy was capable of protection. Steve the bouncer was more believable.

Spirit Guides are Spirits, which means they do not have a physical body or limitations of physical containers. They aren’t tied, physically, to any given body structure, face, shape, or anatomy.

They can expand, shift, and change to appear as just about anything they want – because they don’t have a body that limits them from doing so. It’s one of the benefits of being a Spirit, you can be anything you want – literally.

As a Spirit, they have the ability to appear in any way that they please. Young or old, animal or human, blonde hair or brown hair, plant or child.

Have a Spirit Guide mystery on your hands? Can guides shift from one appearance to another with ease? Get to the bottom of it in this post. AgQ

There are no limitations on what a Spirit can choose to appear to be.

Guides, in particular, often choose to shapeshift in alignment with what would be most readily acceptable and believable to you.

If you don’t believe a fairy is capable of protecting, then they will transform into whatever it is you would 100% accept.

If you think Animal Spirit Guides are silly, useless, and not legitimate guides, guess what? You might get an older, wise looking woman instead.

If you aren’t so sure about Plant Spirit Guides, and if they even exist, if you have one, they might choose to show up as something else in order to gain your acceptance.

Your Spirit Guides want you to develop and progress on your Spiritual journey, so if that means they shift their appearance to assure a smooth transition free of roadblocks and doubt, they will do that.

Their feelings aren’t hurt, and they absolutely do not judge you for not accepting them as they are – it doesn’t matter at all.

This is where you are in your spiritual journey, and as your Guides, they completely understand that. In fact, they were prepared for that because they helped you to design your path and this meeting was already planned.

They all come clean eventually, as soon as it’s time for the unveiling.

Your Spirit Guides can appear as anything they want, so why not appear in the way that is most likely to assure your spiritual success and advancement?

Exactly. That’s what this whole thing as all about after all, the progression of your soul on your Spiritual journey – and who are they to stand in your way? Their job is to help and guide, and changing their appearance is just one small way that they can ensure that once you meet that spiritual door, that you are able to easily walk through it.

With love on your journey,

LAST UPDATED: March 2, 2015

Have a Spirit Guide mystery on your hands? Can guides shift from one appearance to another with ease? Get to the bottom of it in this post.