Can you feel an energetic psychic attack?

A psychic attack is when someone sends their energy to you in a way that creates a unpleasant effect upon you. When one person sends their energy to another person and their energy, affects the other person in a detrimental way – this is a psychic attack.

One person sending their energy to another is not uncommon, in fact, it’s completely natural in human interactions, as we ‘send energy’ to each other in nearly every thought, emotion or verbal communication that we have involving any other human being. You can send energy to someone by thinking about them, praying about them, talking about them in conversation, and each time you speak the name (or think it!) of another, you are calling in, and dialing up their energetic Spirit.

Think of yourself as two beings – a being with a physical body and a being with a spiritual body.

When your physical self wants to communicate with someone else in a physical body, you can call out to this other person with words and vocalizations, in-person, down the street, through an email or a telephone call, to grab their attention. And when your spiritual self – your emotive, thoughtful, and inner self – wants to get someone’s attention – you can also send out your energy to connect with the inner self of this other person. This is how you can get the attention of someone’s Spirit.

There are many ways to call up the energy of another.

Have you ever been really upset with someone, so upset, that you crafted an entire rant that you would lay on them, if ever given the chance?

Have you ever been so mad at someone, you were fuming with steam, and if you had been a volcano, you would have erupted?

Have you ever held an entire conversation in your head with someone, where you were ‘letting’ this someone really have it, but not to their face?

Well, if you have, then congratulations, because you’ve just psychically attacked someone. . . . on accident.

And, as you might imagine, it can happen so easily, that there is barely ever mal-intent involved. Most psychic attacks are non-intentional. We’ve all been angry with another person and thought about them in a way that was less than loving and full of compassion. We have all done this.

If you’ve ever been jealous of another, frustrated with another, wished you could have something that another person has, or been really furious with another, then you’ve psychically attacked them  . . .at least once. Yes, even if was an accident. And someone has, likely done this to you. Probably more than once.

As individuals with physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies, we are able to operate within all three of these realms. Often times, if someone is feeling upset, angry, or frustrated with you (or other similar emotions), and they are not able, for whatever reason, to express and release those emotions freely or safely in the physical space, these feelings may still be directed at you at the level of spirit and energy.

Psychic attacks can have detrimental effects on the recipient of the attack.

Because we’re all humans, even with the best intentions, we’ve all had the opportunity to think about someone in a kind and loving way, and therefore, send them positive pink-bubble gum energy. And conversely, we’ve all had the opportunity to have thoughts about someone else that were on the lower end of the love spectrum, and therefore, send them negative black tar energy. Or, sword energy. Or, punching in the stomach energy.

You can feel an emotional attack in the same way you can feel a physical attack.

Physical attacks – punches and slaps – can hurt emotionally.

Emotional attacks – word venom and swords – can hurt physically.

Psychic attacks occur at the level of emotion, energy and Spirit.

When you have something happening in one aspect of who you are (in your spiritual body or in your physical body) it often shows up in other areas of your life.

If you have been psychically attacked by another, you can feel it.


Energetic psychic attacks are real, but can you actually feel them? You can - learn how it works and discover the warning signs. 

How do you know if you are being psychically attacked?

If you have just gotten into an argument, are having discord in a relationship with another or found yourself in an altercation with another human being just a few hours ago, and suddenly, you have:

A headache

An upset stomach

Chest pains

Lower back pains

It’s likely you are sensing the physical response of a spiritual issue, as psychic attacks can often feel like stabbing pains, punching in the stomach, squeezing of the head or crown or kicking in the back, they can account for many inexplicable and unpleasant sudden sensations. There are many ways to stop a psychic attack, through cutting cords, refusing the energy, or protecting your energetic body. Sometimes, though, an acknowledgement that it’s happening and an intentional refusal of it is enough to stop the symptoms.

With love on your journey,

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LAST UPDATED: October 16, 2014