Infertility: Can it be Healed Spiritually? (Part 1)

Medically, infertility can be difficult if not impossible to resolve. Years and years of trying a variety of medical treatments and solutions can still leave hopeful parents without a biological child.

This can be a dark, lonely, and scary road with no guarantees.

Yet, glimmers of hope still exist with unexplored avenues of treatment and healing.

Infertility can be rooted in a spiritual and energetic cause, creating the physical dysfunction that leads to the inability to have children.

It is possible to heal infertility spiritually.

Spiritual healing is an option for infertility treatment, resolution, and healing not to be overlooked. Spiritual and energetic issues can lead to reproductive dysfunction and spiritual healing can turn it around. Learn how :)

The Sacral Chakra

The reproductive system in both males and females falls under the energetic domain of an area of the body called the sacral chakra.

A chakra, generally, is an area of concentrated energy. The physical body and the spiritual body, that which makes us who we are emotionally and experientially, are both made of energy (read more about this here). The energy that comprises our physical and emotional (spiritual) processes can concentrate in certain areas throughout our body.

You can think of it as an energetic field. Certain physical organs and processes generate and use energy, and certain aspects of our emotional and spiritual selves, also generate, hold, and use energy.

Throughout the body, there are areas where the energy of each part of our physical and emotional self comes together to form pockets of denser, swirling energy. These are the chakras. There are millions of these pockets throughout the body, but there are seven major areas. These are the 7 Chakras and they are positioned vertically through our body starting at our base and moving up to the top of our heads.

The Sacral Chakra is the 2nd chakra, or energy center, and it’s located in our lower abdomen and pelvic region.

Physically, the energy of the Sacral Chakra handles reproductive function, among other things. It’s also responsible for our feelings of security of self, our confidence in partnerships with ourselves and others, our passionate and creative sides, and our sexual experiences both physically and emotionally.

If you are not your ideal self in these emotional areas, this is called emotional dysfunction.

If there’s a dysfunction or an area of unrest in the emotional, spiritual side of things, this creates an energetic dysfunction.

The energy available for use in that area of the body, the molecules, atoms, protons, and electrons, become impacted by the dysfunction experienced emotionally.

The energy is the same – that which is used by your emotional, spiritual self, is the same energy that is available to be used by your physical system, like your reproductive organs.

When physical systems begin to draw on and use energy that is considered less than ideal, this is where physical dysfunction arises.

This is where disorder arises physically.

To heal a disorder in the reproductive system that is causing infertility, you must look to healing first the emotional and spiritual unrest related to that part of your emotional self. As it relates to infertility, the emotional aspect of the sacral chakra that most often comes into play has to do with partnerships with yourself and others.

Healing infertility through spiritual means is more than possible.

Heal the emotional, and you can heal the physical. Heal the energy in one place, and you heal it in all places.

Where do you begin?

In the next post, we’ll uncover the most common types of emotional and spiritual unrest that can cause infertility. Find it here.

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LAST UPDATED: May 27, 2015