Chakra Healing, Re-Vamped!

For the past few years, I’ve taken it as my holy duty as a healer and someone with abilities, to help others remove chakra blockages in private healing sessions.

There were times that I was doing 15-20 chakra healings PER DAY.

I know – insane. 

It was a crazy time, but it allowed me to learn quite a bit about the chakra system, how to remove blockages, and how to clear and align energy through it and within it.

Chakras are to our energetic body like organs are to our physical body.

They’re actually even more powerful than that, because they’re the energy centers that regulate energy TO our organs, our physical structures and systems, our emotional body, and our spiritual being.

The energy in our chakra system and our energetic body can become slow, bogged down, stagnant, and all gunked up.

Think of it like an artery, if you’re eating cheeseburgers 24/7, you’re apt to clog some vessels.

But, instead of an artery and cheeseburgers, you’re interacting with people and going about your day interacting with the energy of your environment.

Coming across and into contact with energy, as thoughts and emotions, that essentially clog your energetic arteries.

Love and fear, happiness and sadness, light and dark – contrast exists in our lives because we are human.

Because of this, is important to pay attention to our energetic organs and arteries and make sure we clean the crap out every now and again to ensure our body is functioning properly.

Yep – I highly encourage you cleanse and heal your chakras on a regular basis. (I personally do it at least monthly).

After doing an untold number of chakra healings, I saw patterns. Similarities across every single person in how to heal a chakra and what was needed to do it.

Using this knowledge, I teamed up with some of the universe’s most powerful channels for healing energy, Archangels, and together we’ve created a series of recorded chakra healings. 

There are seven of them, each one channeled from a different Archangel.

When you listen to each one, that particular Archangel joins you in your spiritual and energetic space and heals you as you listen using the technique described and channeled in the healing meditation.

It’s pretty magical.

And also brings up and releases a lot of gunk. I KNOW – it’s been tested.

The whole set of these Archangel Healings, or Angel Pops as I have been calling them, costs less than I charged, at my lowest, for a one-on-one chakra healing. $66 gets you 7 healings from 7 Archangels.

AND. And. They’re $10 off for the 4th of July weekend. $56 for the whole she-bang. 


To grab your set of Angel Pops and start chakra healing today, click here!



P. S. – Looking for some free/lower cost resources for chakra healing? Search my blog (link in sidebar) for tons of articles and tips and check out the rest of my shop for more options. There’s also this free heart chakra opening meditation on my YouTube Channel.