Chakras with the Seasons: Why Fall is the Best Time for Healing the Root Chakra

It’s important to remember that we are never an individual in isolation.

As a physical being, yes, there are times in which we are separate and alone.

But as spiritual and energetic beings, separation from others, on these planes, is impossible.

We are integral cogs in the wheel of the Universe.

Imagine that you operate a water mill, thousands of miles from anything, a single standing structure, day in and day out, turning water and generating energy.

Your mill alters the energy and the existence of systems downstream.

Your mill, receives energy (as water) and inputs from systems upstream.

But yet physically, you stand separate and in isolation from other structures and other independent water mills.

You can consider this water mill, and it’s physical independence from others, your energetic system – your chakra system.

You receive inputs from all places external to you, those inputs are transformed as they turn and mix with your energetic (water) system, and then at some point, energy leaves from you and becomes an input to someone or something else’s system downstream.

Chakras with the Seasons: Why Fall is the Best Time for Healing the Root Chakra

Your chakras are energetic wheels. Chakra is energy jargon for a concentrated, spinning, vortex of energy.

Your energetic centers, as they are also called, are located in a thousand places within, and outside of, your physical body.

In a previous post, we recapped high school chemistry and physics, and recalled that as individuals made up of matter, we are made of molecular elements and subatomic particles, that, at a core level, have energy – a physical property of all matter that allows things to move, create heat, have friction, vibrate, and transform.

Areas of your body where there are clusters of energetic activity, hubs of dense energetic activity, are also referred to as chakras.

There are thousands of these hubs of energetic activity, but there are 7 primary hubs, known as the 7 primary chakras.

Each chakra, each energetic center, becomes a centralized area of energetic activity for specific processes.

Which chakra goes with which process?

Well, this mostly depends on the location in the body – physical, energetic, and spiritual, where each specific “thing” is located.

Certain thoughts and emotions, thought to be elements of the Spirit, are held in certain areas of the body. Certain bodily processes and functions, like reproduction, for example, are inherently tied to certain areas of the body – and thus, linked to the corresponding chakra or energy center, in our example, this is the Sacral Chakra.

Starting at your feet, and moving up to the top of your head, the 7 chakras are aligned in a backbone type formation up your body, with the Root Chakra, being the first one in the line.

The Root Chakra, the 1st Chakra, is your base connection with the Earth and the Energy within.

Your energetic system, including all 7 primary chakras, is not a system in isolation.

Just like your water mill, it receives inputs in the form of energy from outside of itself.

Food is a form of energy, water can also be a form of energy, but these are energy forms that must be transformed into usable energy by your physical body.

There’s another, more direct energy source, beyond food and water.

This energy is known as Source, or Divine, Energy.  It is Universal, Elemental, energy in its purest form, requiring fewest, if any transformations to be usable by your body, and all bodies, really. It’s purifying, it’s cleansing, it’s healing.

Source energy is the energy of all Souls of the Universe, and it has 2 main sources:

Above the Earth’s Surface – the Universe, Cosmos, Heaven, also known as Divine Energy

Below the Earth’s Surface – the Earth’s Core, also known as Earth Energy

The Root Chakra, is your direct link with the pure, source energy that lies below the Earth.

And Earth Energy, is most readily accessible during the Fall Season.

Energy comes more readily, and healing, comes more easily during this time.

Chakras with the Seasons: Why Fall is the Best Time for Healing the Root Chakra


So long as the human race has planted arable crops, autumn has been the time of harvest. The time of pulling up roots from the Earth, and pulling up crops at the peak of abundance, at the peak output and quantity, at peak ripeness and readiness for preservation.

This is a centuries long tradition, occurring all over the world, in the northern or southern hemispheres (depending), at the same period of time respectively.

And this is no coincidence with the energetic cycling of the Earth below.

Beneath the Earth, there are veins of Energy, called meridians. Surface wise, these run in lines all around the globe, but if the globe itself is circular, so are the meridians.

One energy meridian comes to the surface of the Earth at the particular location, and following a gigantic circle within the Earth – equal and opposite on the other side, is the other side of the circle.

You can think of these energy meridians as gigantic energetic loops, circling the Earth.

There’s a turnover, energy is not constant through the loop at all times – it’s cycling.

During the Fall season, is a time of energetic turnover near the surface.

At this time, Source energy from within the Earth is surging upward, nearing the peak of the circle at the Earth where you live, and as Fall turns into Winter, the surge passes and turns over into a cycle of waning energy. A cycle of turning inward.

The plant production and growth cycle matches this energetic cycle perfectly – at the end of the summer, entering into fall, produce their greatest energetic giving works (fruits, flowers, vegetables, etc.), which are then released, and plant turns to focusing on a cycle of inward and downward production.

An energetic upswing turns over into an energetic downswing.

During fall harvest, energy from below the Earth, source energy, is closest to the surface of the Earth.

It’s already being extracted from the ground with each plant that gets uprooted, each plant that is ripped up from the ground, comes with it a final burst of the Earth Energy to which it is attached.

This tradition of pulling energetic plant material directly from the Earth, only enhances the accessibility of this source energy.

If you compare it to a tilled soil, enhancing the accessibility of the nutrients in the soil, to the plants, the centuries long tradition of pulling up from the Earth, creates a tilled energy soil, making this energy more accessible to you.

The Root Chakra is the first energetic center, the first part of your water mill, that dips it’s cogs into the water and begins to bring up energy from the Earth.

And when the cogs of your Root Chakra are dipping directly into purified, healing Energy of the Earth, which is what is available to you now – only cleansing and healing occurs.

When the cogs of your watermill dip in to purified, cleansed mountain stream water, only cleansing of the wheel can happen, compared to if your water mill was positioned along a waterway with ruddy water – then, your energetic wheel may become ruddied too.

In order for that cleansing, purifying rinse to occur, you have to dip your cogs into the water.

Chakras with the Seasons: Why Fall is the Best Time for Healing the Root Chakra

You have to connect your Root Chakra energy with that of the Earth Energy.

The fall season corresponds to the time in which Earth Energy is closest to the surface and most readily accessible to your body’s energetic system – namely, the Root Chakra, the first energy wheel in the line of seven.

Your Root Chakra, is connected to your feelings of stability and security, your feelings of connectedness and groundedness. Your Root Chakra is called that, because it creates your energetic roots into the Earth. It creates your foundation, your energetic stability, of your entire system.

And why not strengthen your roots at the same time at all of nature also chooses to strengthen its roots?

The energy is most accessible and most abundant at this time – for you, and for all of nature too.

All you have to do, is lower your wheel into the water, and start turning – and the cleansing, purifying, and energy generating process beings.

In chakra and energy terms, this means you have to ground and put down those roots, then start turning and moving energy through them and up into the rest of your chakra system.

How can you make the most of autumnal root chakra healing?

1. Clear blockages and ensure your wheel can properly turn over water!

Make sure your root chakra is moving freely and opening, and can fully and fluidly move and transfer energy.

2. Regularly, intentionally operate your watermill

Develop a practice of grounding and connecting with the Earth Energy on a regular basis – especially a practice that involves bringing the Energy up and moving it through you. Walking or moving outside is a great way to do this – but there are other ways.

The great news, is that we’ve got so many ways to help heal and work with your Root Chakra to develop an optimally functioning energetic center, many of which, are completely self led.

For self-guided energy healing, check out this post for some starter tips on how to heal the root chakra yourself. Guided meditations for healing the root chakra work, as do root chakra healing exercises.  For herbal healing, you could try an herbal tea or blend that’s made with the intention for healing the root chakra. And finally, a spiritual and/or energetic healer, like many shamans or energy healers, would be able to help you find the specific solution to healing your root chakra.

Want to get started today and begin healing your Root Chakra?

Go on a walk. With each step, as your foot hits the ground, you pull up through your legs and into your Root Chakra, healing, cleansing, and purifying Earth Energy.

Happy Healing!

ready to heal the root chakra? try this root chakra healing meditation.

LAST UPDATED: October 7, 2015