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seven recipes to make chakra healing teas at home

Recipes by Tom Petruno, Herbalist
Compiled by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

The Chakra Tea Recipe eBook contains 7 intuitively crafted herbal tea recipes for healing the chakra system, allowing you to make our beloved, healing recipes at home, in your own kitchen.  The included recipes are for 1 oz. of each of the healing herbal blends (3-10 cups of tea, depending on the blend), with instructions for brewing a single cup and tips for where to get your herbs!

each recipe is 100% herbal and non-caffeinated, intuitively designed and inspired to cleanse, heal, and open your chakra system. 

Recipes are grounding, mellow and many are highlighted by earthy, fruity, floral and even cooling notes. The drinker can scale the strength of the flavor to his or her own needs by adjusting their steep time. Shorter steep times will assist in a lighter taste.

previously my husband, master herbalist, tom petruno and i have prepared these blends for clients, dear friends and family. these teas have become such a favorite in our circle, we wanted to share them with you, to share in yours.

Herbs and plants have long been used to heal, physically and energetically, and now, you can use our tried and true recipes to heal your own chakras and energetic system.

Once you try these much-loved blends, you too, may see for yourself why so many of our friends and family members have had such a hard time choosing which tea blend is their favorite!

your ebook contains: 

  • tips for where to buy your herbs

  • guidelines for storing your herbs

  • recipes for each of the 7 chakra teas – root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown

when you purchase your recipe book, it is available to you immediately via digital download. 

start healing your chakras with herbal teas today

Our in-house, inner circle chakra healing herbal tea recipes - now available to you to make at home!  Get recipes to make your own healing chakra teas for each of the 7 chakras! 

chakra tea recipe ebook

The Chakra Tea Recipe eBook is available to you INSTANTLY via digital download and upon purchase is delivered to directly to you. The eBook is only available in digital, instant download .pdf form that is formatted for printed or virtual reading and viewing.

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