Children’s Nightmares: When it’s More than Just a Dream

My daughter has never been a great sleeper.

Like most parents, we’ve tried most of the tricks in the book, but no matter what we did, nothing changed.

Even at two and a half, she wasn’t sleeping through the night and she was still waking up at least once. Not much had changed since her baby days.

Except at 2.5, she could talk.

And I could see Spirits.

One night, at around 11pm, we heard her call out through the baby monitor, “Stop, no, stop!!”

To old me, this may have sounded like she awoke from a nightmare.

But new, seeing Spirits me, closed my eyes, tuned in to Spirit, and asked my Guides to see what was going on in her room, spiritually.

There were 3 little ghost boys in there, poking and prodding her to wake her up with their hands and with sticks. They wanted her to play with them at 11pm.

I spoke to them in my mind, quickly, and told them to stop. I let them know she was sleeping and this was not an appropriate time to visit and ushered them out.

And that was that. She fell back asleep without me needing to go in there.

Until about 2 hours later, she awoke again, but this time, with a lot more yelling and whining, “No, no, no, no, stop it, no.”

Again, I closed my eyes and tuned in. Again, it was those same 3 boys back again trying to wake her up.

This time, they argued that she invited them in and that I wasn’t allowed to kick them out since they were in her room. Which technically, is a good point – she has previously stated that she invited ghost kids into her room to play.

But in this case, I pointed out, she was telling them no and to stop it. This in and of itself was her setting a boundary and that meant they had to go.

I won, and they left . . . this time.

In my daughter’s room that night were very real, ghost children causing a very real bother to her. It wasn’t a just a nightmare. It was really happening and I could see it happening.

My daughter doesn’t suffer from nightmares. Instead, she’s a child who can sense and see Spirits. And most children are just like her.

Got a little one waking up with nightmares? Children can see and hear those in Spirit and those nightmares may be more than just a nightmare.

We live in a well-boundaried home, with physical boundaries like crystals and spiritual boundaries that we have set with our Guides. Even in my daughter’s room, she has placed crystals in the windows for protection. We’ve even started teaching her how to stand up for herself against bad Spirits and how she can get them to leave – by telling them no, to leave, and to get out.

But there’s nothing I can do about the fact that she can see and interact with those in Spirit and she can set her own boundaries.

She is her own individual. She gets to decide who stays and who goes in her own life and space. If she says it’s okay for ghost children to play in her room, that’s her boundary for the time being.

Most children can see those in Spirit. This is not an irregularity.

And at about this age of two years old and over, is when those in Spirit realize that your child can now talk, communicate and set their own independent boundaries.

Because children can see those in Spirit so easily, when so many adults cannot, Spirits do tend to flock to them.

If you haven’t been seen in 150 years, it’s nice to be acknowledged for once, even if it is by a two year old.

The middle of the night is the perfect time for Spirits to visit.

All is quiet, your child is alone and there are no distractions taking away their attention. These are optimal conditions for an otherwise invisible Spirit to make their presence known.

When your children are sleeping, it is the perfect time for those in Spirit to stop by and wake them up. Some of those in Spirit may just be grandpa or a friendly child, but some may not be that at all.

So, when your child wakes up screaming about a bad man in their room – consider that there actually IS a bad man in their room and use that moment to start teaching your child to set boundaries and say NO, while comforting them, of course. (Learn how to start doing that, here).

You can learn to set boundaries for yourself and your home here, too.

But keep in mind that your child is their own individual who may even have their own space. We can’t control their interactions with those in the Spirit world any more than we can control their interactions with those at daycare.

The best we can do is learn about it and teach our children how to stand up for themselves.

We can learn to understand their experiences and understand the Spirit world, and as we do, we better position ourselves as both a better resource and a better support system.

Reading this blog is a start. I have more articles on Children and the Spirit World, which can be found here. As does my sister, Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium, and those can be found here.

If you want to be able to validate your child and see Spirits in their room just like I did for my daughter, you can absolutely do that. All it takes is a willingness and an openness to learn. You can see them just like I can, if you want to. This podcast series is a great place to start for developing your already present intuitive abilities.

With love and support,

LAST UPDATED: March 15, 2015