Day-to-Day Shamanism Video Seminar – Now available!

Day-To-Day Shamanism

recorded video seminar on shamanism for your daily life

with Sarah Petruno

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Energy protection, negative energy shields, herbal wellness, daily cleansing meditations and more! 

In this seminar, I share the top ways I use shamanism to keep a healthy home – and you can too.

From personal care, to healing the family, to managing energy in public, this class includes TEN ways to integrate shamanism into your daily life.

Not sure if Shamanism is something you want to get into?

Want a precursor to the type of helpful techniques you’ll learn in The Shaman Life, before you commit? 

This class is a THE place to start!

You’ll come away from the seminar with a suite of techniques to utilize in your life right away, as soon as class ends. 

Day-to-Day Shamanism was offered as a life class on August 18, 2016 and is now available as a video seminar. 

To learn more about the class and to purchase the video seminar, click here.

Enjoy class!!